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List of products by manufacturer Wear Moi

Wear Moi, French brand of dancewear

Wear Moi is a French company created in 1991 by Christophe and Elisabeth Ridet, two professional dancers.

Originally, Christophe designed the dance costumes for the choreographic workshop of the Ballets de Monté Carlo. A few months later, he bought a sewing machine to make his wife's dancewear. Things come together fast. Faced with this success, in 1992, Christophe devoted himself to Wear Moi to leave the world of professional dance forever.

From now on, Wear Moi knows a growing success. The brand designs stage costumes for many shows in London. Propelled on the biggest stages of the world, it is distributed since 1996 in Japan.

In 1999, Elisabeth ended her dancing career to join Wear Moi. In 2001, Wear Moi's headquarters moved to France. The brand's reputation is growing thanks to its presence in 10 countries. Dance schools begin to choose their dancewear from the brand.

At present, nearly 62 countries distribute the Wear Moi dance brand.

In the online Ezabel fitnesswear shop and in Mulhouse, you will find dance leotards as well as half pointe shoes and pointe shoes, as well as dance items for boys and men.

We particularly liked the neat finishes: linings on all leotards, internal flat seams for excellent support, original designs ...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items