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    Women's Original Sportswear and Clothing for Gym and Fitness 

    Women's fitness clothing and original sportswear

    For casual or passionate women, we offer exclusive women's sports leggings that will wrap your shape, but also women's fitness pants
    Whether you like bodybuilding, aerobics, group lessons, soft gymnastics, we prefer SUPPLEX for sports trousers, micro perforated mesh for women's fitness tops. Thus o...

    Women's fitness clothing and original sportswear

    For casual or passionate women, we offer exclusive women's sports leggings that will wrap your shape, but also women's fitness pants
    Whether you like bodybuilding, aerobics, group lessons, soft gymnastics, we prefer SUPPLEX for sports trousers, micro perforated mesh for women's fitness tops. Thus our women's clothing is designed in often colored textiles with outstanding technical properties: high resistance to washing, a refined silhouette, absorption and moisture wicking even for women prone to excessive sweating.
    Whatever your sport, we recommend that you invest in an adequate sports bra support! Protect your chest even if it is not abundant!

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    • Baggys-Joggings-Harem...

      Our Women Harem Pants, Joggings and Baggys for Fitness are perfect for sportswomen wishing to hide curves or even to flesh out a very fine silhouette. Adapted to Fitness, to Zumba, our harem pants, for the most part one size, are original, comfortable and colorful. With our short-sleeved women's fitness t-shirts, you'll be able to refine your outfit to move, jump and sweat.

    • Sport Bra

      How to make his original sportswear woman? By combining your women's fitness leggings with an original sports bra!

      Among a wide choice of sports bras for running, fitness, Ezabel offers both good support, original designs but also extraordinary thermo-regulating textiles always doubled. For  small women (especially cups), you will be able to show off with our removable cups that can amplify and enhance your chest. At Ezabel you will find plain or printed models or glittering textiles. Every woman will find a model that suits her.

    • Underwear

      Women Sports underwear, sports lingerie

      We offer here sports bras and sports pants that you can combine. All fit in style with our women's fitness tops

    • Tank Tops

      Ezabel offers a wide range of Women's Fitness Tank Tops

      to perfect your look and style with a sports & fitness outfit for trendy women. These sports joggers, available for all sizes and in many styles, are made for you to be comfortable during your Fitness sessions, running while being at the forefront of fashion. True elements of sportswear style, you will find many printed tank tops, V neck or round neck that will fit perfectly in addition to a women's fitness leggings or a sports bra, for example. Over our shelves, you can also decorate your outfit of women's capri pants, sports pants, printed T shirt, do not hesitate, you will have no excuse not to go to training!

    • Leggings

      Women's Sport Leggings for fitness has become the essential piece of clothing for women's sportswear and fitness! Our selection consists of printed Leggings, plain leggings or mesh inserts for maximum freedom of movement and comfort. Developed for the most part in Supplex or Spandex, our Sport Leggings will help your body better manage your perspiration by effectively absorbing moisture and can be suitable for multiple uses.

      As a replacement for your woman's fitness pants, any time you want to be comfortable with more style than a simple jog or tracksuit, thanks to a complete palette of colors and original prints. Do not forget to create pretty coordinates for your fitness outfit by matching your new Sport Leggings with a matching sports bra, a women's sports tank top or a short-sleeved fitness T-shirt to be perfectly fit. fashion ! All you have left is to train yourself ...

    • Capris
    • Pants

      To complete your sportswear for Women, a pair of sports and fitness pants

      high waist or low waist for women is essential. Sportswear, you will find through our shop jogging pants, sweatpants or slim pants designed in absorbent material to be able to practice your sport in comfort.

      Whether Yoga, Fitness or Dance pants, all combine technical performance and originality and will provide you with an unparalleled sports experience, thanks to the stretchy materials used.

      Black or colored pants, you will finally be able to rhyme style with comfort so that your sessions of sport are pleasant and catchy!

      At Ezabel, we aim to be your reference in chic and sporty clothing, which is why you will find everything you need to fill your wardrobe: many T-shirt references printed, printed sport leggings, women's shorts & skirts, women's long-sleeved sports t-shirts or even the most beautiful capris.

      Whether for fun or for fun, for Fitness, Zumba or Dance, Ezabel, your sportswear shop, is here to make you more beautiful & more powerful!

    • Shorts & Skirts

      Our Fitness shorts and skirts for women

      are both for sports and leisure. You'll find different lengths from shorts to bermuda shorts, Brazilian models ready-made in ultra-absorbent, brightly colored anti-bacterial textiles with an original design. Whether you are looking for athletic performance or fun and fun, here you will find your shorts or skirt for all your fitness and running activities.

      You can easily combine them with our sports bras or our women's tops for fitness

    • Short Sleeve Shirts

      Women's Sport Short Sleeve T-Shirt

      Whether you are a seasoned sportswoman looking for a high-performance T-shirt at the cutting edge of technology or rather an occasional sportswoman looking for a comfortable and aesthetic item, on our shop, you will inevitably find a T-shirt.

      Available in several materials, micro-perforated meshes, Viscose, Polyamide & Elasthanne, our T-shirts are designed to offer you an unparalleled sporting experience by aiming for comfort and optimal perspiration management.

      You will find many sports T-shirts that hide the curves, models that enhance your silhouette, others that hide your arms or others that fulfill a function of tunic.

      More than a fashion accessory, these T-shirts will be an integral part of your workout, so you do not have to be discomforted to fully enjoy your workout.
      To complete your sportswear, we offer many Leggings sports, Baggys and Joggings for women

    • Long Sleeves Shirts

      Women's Long Sleeve Sport T-shirts

      We offer two qualities of long-sleeved t-shirts: for the winter, which are worn in first skin. These women's t-shirts will protect you from the cold in hiking, skiing, climbing ... while also being practical for yoga when the rooms are cool. For mid-season or extra, light-weight organic cotton or viscose long-sleeved t-shirts to complement your fitness equipment. They will complete your woman yoga outfit

    • Jackets

      You are looking for a Women's Sport Jacket

      Here you will find jackets and vests with or without zip, with or without hood, with or without pocket for relaxation. Suitable for the most intense sports such as fitness or running, you can perfectly use them during your classes because they are designed in absorbent and breathable materials. The original cuts ensure exceptional comfort during sports exercises. Our women's fitness jackets complete the sport leggings as well as the women's fitness pants with elegance.

      Our women's sports jackets are both technical allies but also trendy accessories that will give your look a sporty and glamorous woman!

    • Sport Bra

      Adapted sports bra is a must have for women's sports underwear so as not to distend the suspensory ligaments of the breasts regardless of the volume of the chest. Indeed, not wearing the bra is not really "serious" in everyday life, but during a sports activity, the weight of the chest can be multiplied by 5. Thus, the ligaments of Cooper are actually 5 times more solicited that can eventually damage the chest.

      We offer models that close on the front, fasteners on the back, with adjustable straps or not, sports bras for women who also want to combine the comfort of originality in terms of colors and cuts.

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 164 items
    Showing 1 - 12 of 164 items