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Sports bras and fitness bras for women

Adapted sports bra is a must have for women's sports underwear so as not to distend the suspensory ligaments of the breasts regardless of the volume of the chest. Indeed, not wearing the bra is not really "serious" in everyday life, but during a sports activity, the weight of the chest can be multiplied by 5. Thus, the ligaments of Cooper are actually 5 times more solicited that can eventually damage the chest.

We offer models that close on the front, fasteners on the back, with adjustable straps or not, sports bras for women who also want to combine the comfort of originality in terms of colors and cuts.

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Fitline Divine Sport Bra

Price €41.58

Lightweight and efficient, delicate feminine and sexy, this is what we expect from the Sportline Divine Zsport Sport black and turquoise bra, available in 70 - 75 - 80 - 85 - 90 in B - C - D cups. Swimmer with support 4 for running, yoga and fitness

Sport Momentum Pro Bra

Price €83.29

Maximum support for this Anita Momentum Pro sports bra for intense sports like Fitness, Running, Dance, Horse riding, Boxing! Exclusive design with molded Deltapad shells, ergonomic adjustable straps. Available in black from 70B to 90D

Washable Cotton Mask

Price €6.67

Barrier mask in washable cotton standard AFNOR SPEC S76-001:2020 of the type "Mask reserved for non-sanitary uses of category UNS1". 3 μm filtration efficiency 90% French manufacture 100% cotton, 3 layers, washable at 60°

Zsport Virtuosity...

Price €49.92

Brassiere Zsport Virtuosity is specially adapted for very high intensity sports (trail running, marathon, badminton, horse riding, basketball ...). Hold level 5, black and orange peps color, this sports bra supports all breasts