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X-Pole is the leading brand of Pole Dance Bars and aerial yoga equipment

X-POLE was founded in 2003 to offer a solution to individuals wishing to practice the art of pole dance at home.

Over the past decade, X-POLE has developed and refined the design of X-POLE pole dance bars and now offers the world's most sophisticated and secure bars. X-POLE has become a reference for both professionals and individuals. There are static or spinning bars, whether they are pole dance bars with podiums for your outdoor performances or your permanent bars. A wide range of different coatings is also available: you can consult our advice section for choosing your pole dance bar

X-POLE has launched a new line in the aerial arts that is suitable for circus arts, pilates or aerial yoga with overhead fabrics, hoops and accessories. Consult here our equipment for the aerial arts

Pole dance is no longer a discipline reserved for a few precursors who train in the back of their garage. Pole dance has now invaded gyms around the world.

Ezabel is an X-Pole certified reseller.

Despite our close contact with X-Pole, it may happen that we are out of stock, that's why we mainly operate pre-order to ensure more reliable deliveries. So our delivery times are indicative? In order not to disappoint you, we suggest you send us an email to know in advance the actual availability.

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