Material for Individuals or Dance Studios and Pole Dance Studios

Our Equipment for Dance Studios, Gym and Fitness

allow you to create a complete dance hall with mobile or fixed classical dance bars, secure mirrors, but also fixed or portable pole dance bars as well as pole dance extensions. This material is designed for professional use, but also for the individual to practice dancing at home.

You will also find material for aerial arts like yoga, fitness

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Adjustable console ISA...

Price €152.50

Console réglable à fixer au sol pour Barre de Danse. Conçue pour supporter une barre en bois, ajustable en hauteur sur 14 positions différentes, s'adaptant ainsi à la taille de chaque utilisateur. Idéale pour équiper un studio de danse, une salle de gym

Amadeus wall mirror...

Price €505.00

Amadeus wall mirror for dance room with bar has a rectangular opening of 10 x 20 cm that allows to easily fix single or double Arabesque wall brackets without loss of visibility. Ideal for dance schools!  Barre and wall brackets are not sold with the mirror

Attic fixation for...

Price €91.67

Ideal for sloping attics and ceilings, this permanent ceiling mount provides maximum safety and stability for your Lupit Pole Dance Bar Lupit Pole Classic G2 or Diamond. This ceiling fixture absorbs the flexibility of the pole during its use while maintaining excellent rotation performance.

AVANT Mobile dance...

Price €524.17

Barre de danse Mobile AVANT sur roues avec une seule barre en bois. Socles plats en acier avec petites roulettes en caoutchouc, facilement déplacéeçable sans endommager le sol. Cette barre est visible dans notre magasin à Mulhouse

Complete kit double...

Price €205.00

Complete kit for the installation of a double dance bar including: 2 pine dance bars of 1.50 or 2 m and 2 double brackets to be fixed to the wall (black or silver). For 3 meters, an additional console is provided. Free delivery in France

Complete kit simple...

Price €157.50

Complete kit for your home dance bar including two wall-mounted consoles and a rough pine dance bar. Dimensions: 1.50 m, 2 m or 3 m (in this case the kit includes three wall consoles). Option silver (silver) or black. Free delivery in France

Crash Mat Premium

Price €200.00

Lupit Pole Premium Crash Mat: High quality foam and leather crash mat on top. Integrated handles for transport, compatible with all brands of Pole Dance Bar. Colours gold, silver, black or pink 8 or 12 cm thick

Double Fix Dance...

Price €147.50

Console pour Barre de Danse Double Fix pour studio de danse avec deux barres en bois, à deux hauteurs différentes. Fixation de la console au sol. Vendue à l'unité sans barres de danse. Devis pour les professionnels sur demande

Extension for Stage...

Price €45.83

Extensions exclusively for Pole Dance Stage Lupit Pole standard small legs or Pole Stage Pole bar model with long legs in 50 cm, 75 cm, 1 m in chrome, stainless steel, black powder coated finishes. Can be used for lower ceilings

Floor-Mounted Console...

Price €100.00

Console poteau en acier à fixer au sol pour Barre de Danse Simple Fix pour équiper votre studio de danse, une salle de gym. Une barre en bois. Adaptée à tous types de sol. Vendue à l'unité sans la barre. Devis pour les professionnels