Pole Dance Bar Extensions and Accessories

Our Pole Dance Barre Extensions and Accessories

used to lengthen your barre, especially if you install it in a former industrial premises, for example.

We advise you to buy two large extensions rather than 3 or 4 small ones to guarantee a good rigidity to the whole. Like the Pole Dance Barres, they have a diameter of 40 to 45 mm. Just like these, choose the same coating.

Delivery of Dance Ballet Barres, Pole Dance and Aerial Equipment

Information DELIVERY RATES for France (for other destinations, please contact us for a quote)

For any purchase of dance studio equipment as well as yoga and aerobics equipment, delivery is made by carrier.
For the complete equipment (several bars ...) of a professional (dance studio and / or pole dance, associations, gym ...), we realize a TRANSPORT QUOTATION. The same goes for the delivery of individuals outside France

Indeed, if the delivery is to be carried out on pallet for example, the delivery costs can be different. Please contact us for your TRANSPORT QUOTE.

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Attic fixation for...

Price €91.67

Ideal for sloping attics and ceilings, this permanent ceiling mount provides maximum safety and stability for your Lupit Pole Dance Bar Lupit Pole Classic G2 or Diamond. This ceiling fixture absorbs the flexibility of the pole during its use while maintaining excellent rotation performance.

Extension for Stage...

Price €45.83

Extensions exclusively for Pole Dance Stage Lupit Pole standard small legs or Pole Stage Pole bar model with long legs in 50 cm, 75 cm, 1 m in chrome, stainless steel, black powder coated finishes. Can be used for lower ceilings

Itac2 45 Gr Extra...

Price €17.00

Grip ITAC2 45 gr Extra Strength for pole dance. This colourless beeswax provides an unequalled grip for pole dance training in spinning mode or your aerial equipment for more safety whether you are a beginner or an expert