Womenswear for Modern-Jazz and Contemporary Dance

Women's clothing for contemporary and modern jazz dance

Discover in particular our Academic Women for modern dance, jazz which are particularly trendy nowadays. You can also consult the women's clothing for the fitness that will also be able to your needs, because they combine elegance and technicality.

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Active Queen Sport...

Regular price €66.58 Price €46.61

Sport chic with these black Women's Sport Leggings made of recycled textile! Elasticated waistband with gold design that keeps the leggings in place during your Fitness, Dance or Yoga sessions. To combine with the brassiere or tank top, the zip-up jacket

Active Queen Sport...

Regular price €49.92 Price €34.94

Superb Active Queen Women's Sport Tank top that features the design of the Active Queen Sport Leggings. In recycled fabric, composed of Actifresh technology which brings freshness by limiting bad smells during your Fitness, Dance or Yoga sessions.

Anti-Cellulite Fantasy...

Regular price €45.83 Price €36.66

Tired of seeing cellulite showing through under your sports leggings? Textured effect that curves and erases unsightly pads. You will finally be able to practice gym, fitness, dance while wearing bright or pastel colors thanks to these women leggings!

Anything Long Top

Regular price €37.50 Price €26.25

Lightweight women's tank top, low-cut, crossed back to be worn as an over-bracessiere. Long waist to wear with leggings. Available in white or grey, its look is stylish for dance like modern jazz or zumba, but also for fitness.

Baiva Wrap Top

Price €45.83

The Baiva Wrap Top is a short model with long sleeves in fancy embroidered acrylic knit. Length under the chest, it ties in the back or on the side as a traditional warm-up garment. We like its small burgundy floral pattern that matches the whole Wearmoi range

Ballerina glitter...

Regular price €2.42 Price €1.21

Birthday card representing a tutu dancer. Sequins on tutu and tiara, 2 shutters. Supplied with white envelope. Ideal to accompany your gifts or make an invitation for a birthday party. Square format 14 cm x 14 cm

Basic woman 3/4...

Regular price €37.50 Price €26.25

Women's black dance leotard with sleeves ¾ in Supplex. Versatile, it is suitable alone for classical dance but also for all kinds of dance accompanied by leggings or a skirt for character, contemporary, modern-jazz dances

Basic Woman Sport T-shirt

Regular price €32.50 Price €22.75

Plain black or purple women's sports t-shirt with small sleeve and wide collar. Rounded cut on the hips, ample model for a good ease even if you have shapes to hide. Very light, quick drying, anti-bacterial and UV protection +50%.

Beige dance leotard

Regular price €33.25 Price €23.28

Leotard body dance body woman original in its flesh color with print. Revisit the dance with this leotard for ballet and contemporary dance. Sophisticated model that can be worn with a bra.

Black 3/4 Sleeves Crop...

Regular price €26.67 Price €18.67

Crop Top Sleeve 3/4 Black for women: Mirella women's heart cover with lace inserts on the sleeves. This little warm-up top can be worn for any kind of dance: ballet, hip hop, jazz or oriental dance. Elasticated, it holds well in place.