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Tech Dance, Dance accessories and gel tips for ballet pointe shoes

Techdance, the best of silicone tips for the protection of the feet of the dancer on pointe shoes.

Techdance Silicone gel tips are popular with our customers at the Danse Ezabel store in Mulhouse. They strongly recommend them.

Anti-shock, anti-vibration, cushioning, washable at high temperature, non-toxic, talc: these are the advantages of using Techdance silicone tips for greater comfort when working on spikes.

Elastic test
- Yield: 5%
- Resistance (after 50 thousand compression cycles): -2%
- Coefficient of thermal conductivity (k) = 0.18

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Foot Stretcher

Price €120.83

The stretcher foot of Techdance is a complete and neat tool delivered in its cover of transport. It allows to work the camber of the dancer's foot to prepare the work on pointe shoes or gymnast. Many accessories delivered with this set

Gel Knee pads

Price €12.50

Gel Knee pads in special dance, figure skating or other sports. Exceptional value for money for these knee pads that provide a lot of comfort when working on the ground or falls. Black color, one size

Hallux Valgus Gel Socks

Price €10.00

This complete Protection is put on like a sock with maintenance of the big toe and Gel at the level of the Hallux Valgus. Washable, made of stretch cotton and silicone, this accessory can really change a dancer's life when working on pointe!

Hallux Valgus...

Price €8.25

Hallux Valgus protection with big toe separator to keep the big toe in line. Made of ultra-comfortable silicone gel, this accessory will make it easier for you to climb on spikes if you suffer from a deformed joint.

Pirouettes and...

Price €20.83

This disc is suitable for perfecting the technique of pirouettes and rotations on demi-pointes while maintaining perfect balance. Suitable for dancers, gymnasts and skaters, it helps to strengthen ankle muscles. Pink or green