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Feel J! is the fitness brand of passionate

She loves active people, full of joie de vivre and dynamism. It is in this state of mind that the Feel J! was born. The main source of inspiration for the collections are the customers. Feel J! strives to make unique fitness outfits, colorful, full of pleasure and joy.

But for Feel J! the design is not enough. The quality of women's sportswear is one of the key issues. Therefore, Feel J! attaches great importance to the quality of textiles by offering both cotton, viscose or products based on Thermocool, lycra ...

Feel J !, it's also a successful cooperation instructors and renowned fitness and dance schools in Poland.

Feel J! has been awarded many medals including four gold medals in the sports industry and a gold medal fair trade in Poland.

Seduced by the cuts and materials used, Ezabel offers you exclusively in France a selection Feel J! since July 2015. Customers of the Ezabel store in Mulhouse particularly appreciate the line of Women's Sport Leggings offered by the brand.

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Anti-Cellulite Fantasy...

Regular price €45.83 Price €36.66

Tired of seeing cellulite showing through under your sports leggings? Textured effect that curves and erases unsightly pads. You will finally be able to practice gym, fitness, dance while wearing bright or pastel colors thanks to these women leggings!

Black women's sport...

Regular price €57.50 Price €46.00

Black women's sports leggings for all feminine morphologies. In addition to its comfort and technical qualities that make it an ideal partner for yoga, fitness or dance, these leggings have a touch of originality with its veil inserts.

Camouflage women sport...

Regular price €40.00 Price €28.00

Short women’s sports shorts camouflage in grey tones with large black belt. Red logo printed on the buttocks. These shorts are suitable for all styles of dance or sport. Comfortable, they are antimicrobial. 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane

Multicolor Sport Long...

Regular price €33.25 Price €16.63

Women’s Sport Sweatshirt: Multicolored Long Sleeve T-shirt for Fitness, Running, Yoga. Scoop neckline. Absorbent technical material. At the front, animal pattern with small rhinestones, it matches many women’s sports pants or leggings

Oversize Tanktop

Regular price €33.25 Price €26.60

Women's top for sport extra large. In black, we like its amplitude for all the sports gabaries. Wide straps, at the back, some gathers for a nice drape. For dance or fitness, it goes with all our women's sports leggings.

Push Up Fantasy Bra

Regular price €29.17 Price €23.34

Sports bra with removable shells. Textured fabric available in different colors: black, red, fuchsia, green. Back swimmer for a good support during your dance, fitness or yoga classes. To match the leggings fantasy woman anti-cellulite.

Push Up Sensual Bra

Regular price €29.17 Price €20.42

Sports bra Push Up black with back swimmer in black fishnet. On the front of the removable shells curls the chest. Size S and M, wide elastic under chest for increased comfort during your sports activities: dance, fitness, yoga

Red Push Up Buttom...

Regular price €45.83 Price €36.66

Does it take a long time for your weight training efforts to become visible? For a plumped-up buttocks, these red women's leggings have a push up effect that allows you to shape and enhance your buttocks! Absorbent material, technical for all sports. High waist

Red Sexy Sports Bra

Regular price €31.67 Price €25.34

Women's sports bra with double crossed straps. Red color with elastic band under the chest. In S and M, it can be combined with the feminine crop top femy red. Excellent chest support. Perfect for dancing and fitness

Sensation Jogging Pants

Regular price €54.17 Price €43.34

Women's jogging pants for dance, yoga or fitness. This model, larger than a leggings and less wide than a baggy, will seduce you for your sports activities as well as for leisure. Black with pockets, drawstring waistband

Sport shorts for...

Regular price €37.50 Price €30.00

Sport shorts for outdoor or indoor cycling. Black biker with side pocket. Reaching just above the knee, its high waist with wide belt offers the ideal comfort for spinning. Moisture-absorbing and moisture-wicking fabric.

Sports Leggings Woman...

Regular price €54.17 Price €27.09

High-waisted women’s leggings for all sports that sculpt the silhouette with a pulping effect on the buttocks, compression at the waist, thighs, calves for fat burning and a decrease in muscle lactic acid