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Anadeo is a French brand specializing in zafus and meditation cushions

Anadeo was created in 1999, specialized in Asian decoration, and established a shop in the heart of the Marais in Paris for 13 years. Gradually the French company turned to the world of Yoga, Meditation and relaxation by developing products and yoga accessories and since then have become its core business.

The Anadéo's cushions and zafus of yoga are handcrafted in workshops in Thailand at the site of the harvest of Kapok. This natural material comes from the kapok tree which gives a beautiful white cotton fiber. This organic material is 100% recyclable and resistant to everyday use.

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Rectangular Yoga Cushion

Price €20.83

As beautiful as it is useful, Anadeo rectangular yoga cushion: a light meditation zafu, not bulky and aesthetically pleasing. During Pranayama, facilitates the posture of the straight back. Support of the pelvis and hip joints. Superb colors