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Puma, the third-largest sports supplier behind Nike and Adidas, is the hottest brand in the sportslifestyle industry. This includes product design and high-end positioning

Although the official creation date of Puma is 1948, the history of Puma is older. This story of Puma is also linked to that of another brand of sports shoes, Adidas. In 1928, the German Dassler family started making sports shoes thanks to Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik. This company is created by two brothers, Adolf, nicknamed Adi, and Rudolf.

As a result of differences, the two brothers separate in 1948 and decide to continue each of their side. On the same date, Rudolf Dassler's Puma, and his Adolf Dassler's Adidas, were created. That's when Puma's story begins, as well as its world-class development.

The company is developing a range of Puma sneakers and Puma sportswear that are proving quite popular with athletes around the world. Among our selection of articles, you will find an interesting choice of men's t-shirts for sport or relaxation

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