Foot care and Tools for dancer's foot work

In order to allow you to dance in the best conditions, Ezabel has selected what is needed for the care of your feet

- to prevent any foot injury with toe and foot protection such as silicone tops or ouch pouch to slide under your and in your spikes
- tips to keep dancing despite a bulb or other

Good foot protection will allow the dancer to dance longer without major deformation of the foot frame. However, this one will not replace a good fitting of your pointe shoes in a store. Indeed, fitting your dance spikes in your dance store is essential. A pair of inappropriate pointe shoes can discourage the novice dancer as it can have consequences on her overall morphology.

You will also find in this section the famous foot strings or dance shoes for contemporary dance or modern jazz.

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Ballerina glitter...

Regular price €2.42 Price €1.21

Birthday card representing a tutu dancer. Sequins on tutu and tiara, 2 shutters. Supplied with white envelope. Ideal to accompany your gifts or make an invitation for a birthday party. Square format 14 cm x 14 cm

Bloch stretch ribbon...

Price €2.50

Bloch stretch ribbon for ballet pointe shoes. Sold by the meter, minimum 1 meter, this ribbon will follow all your movements from the flat position, to the half pointe to the full upright. Made of satin on one side, it won't slip on your tights thanks to its flexibility.

Cotton ribbon with...

Price €7.50

With these ribbons, it is no longer necessary to sew an elastic on your pointe shoe. The ribbons integrate directly a large elastic that will be placed while preserving the Achilles heel. Sold in lots of 2 (the number for a pair of pointe shoes), in a berlingo.

Dance Knee Pads

Price €20.83

Dance kneepads sold per pair of knee protection. Black cotton with Elastane, they are flexible. For modern-jazz, hip hop break dance, all dances, skating that require a passage on the floor. Machine washable. Child, adult