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Feetup offers yoga chairs to easily perform inversion postures

How to succeed his posture of Sirsana without risk even being a beginner? With the invention of the FeetUp® Trainer, this inverted posture will not be a problem even for you, beginner.

Yogi veteran, you will find in this particular yoga material a lot of multitudes other ideas of yoga postures. Kilian, a yoga teacher and designer from the Allgäu region of Germany, imagined and refined his reverse posture accessory concept until the launch of production in 2008.

Made of wood, a raw material that is constantly renewed, the FeetUp is part of sustainable development. For every FeetUp® Trainer purchased, a donation to Trees for the Future is made.

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FeetUp Trainer

Price €107.50

Yoga chair Feetup to practice inverted poses like sirsasana in a safe and stable way. Making the pear tree becomes a breeze, even beginners can enjoy the benefits of the posture known as the «king of asanas»