Pointe Shoes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Dancer

We have selected the best Pointes Shoes on the market, including Merlet, Repetto and Bloch.

Depending on your level of dance, we have a large selection of pointes shoes that a fitting in the store will verify:

for the beginner dancer or for the confirmed and professional dance

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Amélie SOFT Bloch...

Price €53.33

Bloch Amélie Soft ballet pointe shoe for intermediate beginner ballerina. Slightly arched sides of the case for the alignment of the dancer’s foot. Medium cambrion. Slightly V-cut. Available in width XX from size 3 to 7.5

Black Warm Up Booties

Regular price €37.50 Price €26.25

Black Adult warm-up boots help prevent cold, warm joints while waiting for the class to start, between classes or during a competition for example. Just put them on top of your ballet dance slippers or pointe shoes. They have Velcro for easy donning and Velcro adjustment at the ankle

Demi Pointes S0135L

Price €49.17

In order to develop muscular strength, the half pointe allows preparatory work before riding on pointe. Flexible shoe which does not allow in no case to go up on points. Interesting for little girls or girls who do not have a kick.

DIVA Ballet Pointes Shoes

Price €66.67

DIVA Ballet Pointes Shoes is entirely developed and produced in Limoges (France). DIVA is unique thnaks to its manufacturing process. DIVA give great stability and durability, giving freedom to dancers with their technique. Diva is ready to dance!

Elista pointe shoes...

Price €54.17

Elista pointe shoes from Merlet is a stretch canvas pointe shoe with 25 % of elastane providing an excellent fit. This pointe shoe is made on the basis of a new box with cotton canvas extremely comfortable and with good elasticity in front on rear. Its sole in polycarbonate provides longevity, the pointe shoe lasts longer. It is suitable for all levels of dance. We offer 3/4 shank with a medium sole