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For more than 15 years, Manduka has established itself as the world's leading brand of yoga mats and yoga accessories, accompanying the expansion of yoga in the West.

The Manduka name and logo derive their origins from the Mandukasana yoga position, also called the frog's position. Manduka was born in the 90's: created by Peter Sterios, Californian architect and yoga enthusiast, he invents a new rug that has both good grip and firm support to promote comfortable practice. He finds an immediate echo among Yoga teachers of the time with the Black Mat Pro Pad.

From the beginning, Manduka wanted to offer products that respect the environment as much as possible. Since then, the frog brand has never departed from this rule. Its Manduka PRO and PROlite yoga mats, the only ones on the market to be guaranteed for life, fight against planned obsolescence and indirectly reduce the production of plastic. The gum rubber of its eKO Lite mat, naturally biodegradable and recyclable, is responsibly produced from rubber trees that do not participate in the deforestation of the Amazon.

Manduka was the first brand to really realize how much an excellent yoga mat could revolutionize the practice, thanks to a perfect grip and a firm support adapted to equilibrium postures. Making mats rug durable enough to be guaranteed for life is also a way to make sure that the mat becomes the companion of every yogi throughout his practice .... These are attached so much to their mat! From a technical point of view, Manduka remains the best, and you will feel it as soon as you set foot on one of their mats.

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PROlite Extra Long...

Price €91.67

Extra long non-slip yoga mat for people over 1.80 m tall. This 2 meter long firm PVC yoga mat is designed to last. Manufactured according to a process that guarantees that no toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere.

PROlite Yoga Mat

Price €82.50

Yoga Mat PROlite length 180 cm x 61 cm x 4.7 mm thick. Available in different colors, this yoga mat is made to last. Lifetime warranty, made in Germany. A PVC anti-skid certified OEKO-TEX, it's the Rolls of yoga mats!

Yoga Mat Bag

Price €24.92

Elegant and minimalist yoga mat bag, designed especially for those looking to streamline their practice. Available in black or black and green, suitable for travel and medium sized yoga mats, allows good ventilation.

Yoga Towel

Price €30.00

Microfiber towel in recycled fiber blue pattern in the standard format of a yoga mat (172cm x 61 cm). Practical for any physical activity, light and with a small footprint, it follows you on a trip like in a yoga studio or fitness room