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List of products by manufacturer Lotuscrafts

Lotuscrafts offers yoga equipment like zafu meditation cushions and yoga mats

We have selected for you the best equipment for meditation and yoga. Lotuscrafts products are entirely handmade in Europe with natural and ecological products, in keeping with the Zen tradition.

Faced with a digital world where everything is accelerated, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness are practices that have become more popular to achieve inner peace and promote a serene and happy vision of life. Beautiful, aesthetic, high quality, Lotuscrafts products are durable and produce joy when touched and used. From the beginning to the end of the production line, the manufacturing processes of Lotuscrafts products are resource-efficient from a human and environmental point of view. As a result, the meditation cushions are GOTS * certified which means the use of organic cotton produced according to environmentally friendly standards and fair wages and working conditions to guarantee the overall added value of the products. Lotuscrafts products

We also offer colorful yoga mats from Lotuscrafts to match with our zafu cushions.

* GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Only textile products containing a minimum of 70% organic fiber may be GOTS certified. The chemical inputs used, such as dyes and adjuvants, must meet a number of environmental and toxicological criteria. Production and processing systems must also comply with environmental rules. A functional wastewater treatment plant is mandatory for any wet processing unit used and all manufacturers must comply with a number of social criteria.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items