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Our range of yoga equipment and accessories, including yoga mats for both beginners and professionals, as well as our pilates equipment, complement our colorful and original Yoga clothing.

Our yoga clothes for men and our yoga and Pilates women's outfits are designed in comfortable materials made of natural bamboo fiber, in natural viscose derived from cellulose (wood), organic cotton, Supplex. You will be able to use our leggings trousers, our T-shirts, our tank tops and brassieres as well for the Yoga as the soft gymnastics, the pilates or the martial arts like Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga (bikram), Iyengar, whatever type of yoga class you practice, be it meditative or more energetic, you will find the clothes you need to succeed in your postures and work the techniques of Pranayama.

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Active Queen Sport...

Regular price €66.58 Price €46.61

Sport chic with these black Women's Sport Leggings made of recycled textile! Elasticated waistband with gold design that keeps the leggings in place during your Fitness, Dance or Yoga sessions. To combine with the brassiere or tank top, the zip-up jacket

Active Queen Sport...

Regular price €49.92 Price €34.94

Superb Active Queen Women's Sport Tank top that features the design of the Active Queen Sport Leggings. In recycled fabric, composed of Actifresh technology which brings freshness by limiting bad smells during your Fitness, Dance or Yoga sessions.

ACTV 2 in 1 Sport Man...

Regular price €45.83 Price €22.92

ACTV 2 in 1 men's sport bermuda shorts. Power Up process, PUMA ACTV short compression leggings designed for endurance and high performance sports (bodybuilding, running) with very light loose fitting shorts on top. Latest size available XL

Anti-Cellulite Fantasy...

Regular price €45.83 Price €36.66

Tired of seeing cellulite showing through under your sports leggings? Textured effect that curves and erases unsightly pads. You will finally be able to practice gym, fitness, dance while wearing bright or pastel colors thanks to these women leggings!

Bag for Merino Wool...

Price €15.83

The essential accessory to protect and store your merino wool yoga mat, this unbleached cotton bag is easy to use thanks to its top closure. A drawstring with stop closure allows you to put it in a safe place during the summer when you store your wool mat.

Basic Woman Sport T-shirt

Regular price €32.50 Price €22.75

Plain black or purple women's sports t-shirt with small sleeve and wide collar. Rounded cut on the hips, ample model for a good ease even if you have shapes to hide. Very light, quick drying, anti-bacterial and UV protection +50%.

Belt Yoga Strap

Price €8.33

Strap, yoga belt in turquoise cotton length 1.83 m to facilitate your postures. Used especially for Yin Yoga, this yoga accessory allows you to relax smoothly without forcing yourself. Degressive tariff from 5 purchased

Black and Blue Women's...

Regular price €108.33 Price €54.17

Women's Sport Jacket Black and Blue. It plays on the materials and the reflection on the collar and armholes. Without hood, ideal for yoga but also for fitness or dance. A chic sport look. Anti microbial and absorbent. Last size Small