The essentials of floor pilates equipment for the home or studio

Our light equipment of pilates allows work from home

  • for the individual who wishes to deepen or continue the exercises seen with his teacher at home
  • for teachers to easily transport the material on the different course locations. Feel free to request us for rates from 10 items

We offer the essentials for the practice of pilates on the ground such as swiss balls, circle (rings), rubber bands, straw balls (soft ball), rollers form ...
You will also find a range of wellness articles that will activate the facias or make your everyday life easier, such as massage balls, flower mats ...
If you also like yoga, we offer specific equipment for yoga
Do not hesitate to check out our pilates and yoga clothes for women that will stimulate you to perform your exercises at home

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Hand Pump

Price €3.33

Hand pump for a quick inflation of your swissball, soft ball (straw ball). Suitable for all types of balloons with an orifice without valve, closed by a cap. Convenient and easy to use, small size in your sports bag.

Multi Elastiband...

Price €29.17

Multi-Elastiband purple resistance 15 kg. With two large handles of 16.5 cm at each end it allows the easy passage of thighs or your shoes. Total length: 110 cm. Supplied with a poster of muscle building exercises