Women's Skating, Ice Dance Training Apparel

Women's training suits for figure skating or ice dancing

Ezabel offers a selection of items to keep you warm during your skating training. Whether it's for figure skating or ice dancing, our thermo-regulating, polar and waterproof skating clothes will delight you. We also offer trousers, jackets or T-shirts in innovative materials. In the same spirit you will find skating accessories such as gloves or leg warmes. If you do not fear the cold, take a look at our women's fitness clothing that will also fit the ice cream.

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Black and Purple...

Regular price €58.33 Price €29.17

Waterproof black and purple Intermezzo skating pants, fleece lining to ensure optimal comfort for girls from 8 years old as well as women. On skates, it forms a perfect set with one of our jackets. All pants have the same pattern

Black Skating Pants...

Regular price €65.00 Price €32.50

Women's black skating spindle pants with Intermezzo rhinestones. Passers-by with velcro to be fixed under the skate. Innovative textile, thermal protection, abrasion resistance. Fleece lining, waterproof. For figure skating or ice dancing.

Girl skating T-Shirt...

Regular price €32.50 Price €16.25

Girl and woman skating T-shirt with a rhinestone skate. On a black background, viscose T-shirt for leisure or for your figure skating or ice dance trainings. Alone or on a skating leotard body, it can be worn all year round.

Glitter Skating Skirt

Regular price €29.17 Price €14.59

Glitter skating skirt for girl with integrated panties, two layers of glitter voile cut in bevel. Original shape for a nice effect while skating. In red or purple, ideal for figure skating or ice dancing

Multicolor Sport Long...

Regular price €33.25 Price €16.63

Women’s Sport Sweatshirt: Multicolored Long Sleeve T-shirt for Fitness, Running, Yoga. Scoop neckline. Absorbent technical material. At the front, animal pattern with small rhinestones, it matches many women’s sports pants or leggings

Pink and Yellow Hoodie

Regular price €66.67 Price €33.34

Yellow and Pink women's sport sweatshirt: zip at the neckline, in Supplex, comfortable hooded sports sweater that wicks moisture away. Recommended for : Running, Fitness, Cycling or any outdoor sport. Antimicrobial, Quick drying. Last Size L

Leggings Fitness & Running Femme Rayé Rose Leggings Fitness & Running Femme Rayé Rose
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Pink Emana Striped...

Regular price €57.50 Price €28.75

Pink Leggings for woman with stripes: high technical and original design. Designed in Emana for all extreme temperatures (+40° C to -25° C), is suitable for indoor and outdoor fitness

Skate strass figure...

Regular price €49.17 Price €24.59

Black Strassé Intermezzo Skate Pants for girls and women. Let's skate! Rhinestone pattern on the bottom leg. Designed in Vuelta, this technical fiber provides thermal protection, comfort, waterproof. Elastic and velcro fastening under the skate.

Sporty Women's Jacket...

Regular price €70.83 Price €35.42

Bright yellow Sport jacket for woman for running, fitness, dance or yoga. Original model available in size L equivalent 42. No hood, swimmer back under for good mobility, sleeve thumb pass, curved cut with front and back rounding