Body Pump 17.50 Kg Kit

Complete kit for body pump if you follow your courses on YouTube including the bar with foam and disc stop, two discs of 1.25 kg, 2 discs of 2.5 kg, 2 discs of 5 kg. The total of your loaded bar will be 17.5 kg. Possibility to buy additional discs to reach your ideal load, the bar supporting a maximum load of 80 kg





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Pack content

5 kg Body Pump discs sold in pairs, made of steel, covered with rubber. Practical thanks to their handles, you can easily load them on your pump bar or use them as free weights.  Shock resistant, black color

Black 2.5 kg discs sold in pairs are made of steel, covered with rubber to form a Body Pump set. Resistant to shocks, thanks to the handles, you can easily load them on your pump bar or use them as free weights.

Perfect for your body pump sessions, these black 1.25 kg discs sold in pairs are made of steel and covered with rubber. Shock resistant, they slide perfectly on the pump bar. Thanks to the wrists, they can be used as free weights.

Sold in sets of 2, the 1.25 kg body pump discs can be slid onto a pump bar but can also be used as free weights for shoulder, biceps and triceps workouts. To follow a body pump class on video or simply train at home, you can add other loads such as one or more 2.5 kg pump discs or a 5 kg handle disc to create your personal body pump kit. To complete your fitness equipment, adopt a suitable sports outfit for your workouts.

Diameter 16.20 cm
Weight 1.25 kg per disc or 2.5 kg
Thickness 2.5 cm

For your workout at home, the 130 cm pump bar is comfortable thanks to a thick non-slip rubber that protects the shoulders. Load with discs with ø28 mm handles according to your capacities. Stop discs supplied easy, quick to attach

Do all your bodybuilding exercises at home with your personal body pump bar. 130 cm long, you can slide a 1.25 kg pump disc on either side and adapt your load according to your abilities with a set of 2.5 kg bodybuilding discs or a set of 5 kg handle discs. Thick non-slip rubber protects you when the bar is positioned on your shoulders for squats or lunges. Two disc stops are provided to accommodate up to 80kg of weight. If you tend to sweat, feel free to use Itac wax to better grip the bar.

Sold without disc, without load

Length 1.30 m
Length of loadable handle: 19 cm
Diameter of loadable handle: 2.8 cm
Maximum load 80 kg
Weight of the bar when empty : 2 kg