3 pieces Women's Warm-Up Set

Here's a complete women's warm-up set from Wearmoi : a great gift with the little Rosea dance sweater, the Selene shorts, the Lado warm-up spats. On a black background, a pretty openwork embroidery with burgundy flowers is paired with many women's dance leotards. These three pieces can be worn independently at any time in a dancer's life

€33.75 Save 10%


€33.75 Save 10%


€33.75 Save 10%

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Pack content

Long original dance gaiters with fancy embroidery that matches all our Wearmoi warm-up garments. Fitted cut on the legs offers comfort during your dance sessions.

Women's short sleeve warm-up sweater in acrylic knit embroidered on the front, back and sleeve edges. The front top yoke, sleeves and bottom hem of this short dance top are plain acrylic knit. It matches our warm-up shorts and pants as well as our gaiters.

The Selene Warm-up Short is made of acrylic knit embroidered on the front and plain on the back. To pucker the sides, small ties are inserted laterally. Its original design with these burgundy flowers matches the whole range of Wearmoi warm-up clothes.

The Selene Warm-Up Shorts feature an original burgundy front design that can be matched to your Wearmoi dance warm-up garment. Embroidered acrylic knit on the front and solid black on the back, the side gathers give an extra style. Ideal to wear over your women's ballet leotard, you will revitalize your dance wardrobe. With these dance shorts you will be able to perform your flexibility and stretching exercises without hindrance and devote yourself fully to your technique!

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