Miroir Mobile Billy
  • Miroir Mobile Billy

Mobile mirror BILLY for dance studios or gyms - Dinamica Ballet


The BILLY Mobile Mirror is ideal for dance or gym studios where space is shared with other facilities or associations. Easy to store and handle, it is mounted on wheels and has side handles to move it. You will appreciate the wheel locking system for more safety. Mounted vertically and not tilted, there is nothing better than a clear and undistorted reflection to work well. Glass Securit 4 mm. Dimensions: 190 x 100 x 53 cm 47 kg



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The mobile mirror BILLY for dance studios or gyms

is easy to move around and just as easy to lock into a fixed, stable position. The innovative design of BILLY allows multiple
mirrors to be connected together to form one large, single, continuous mirror surface.

The mirrors are mounted vertically without any inclination to ensure a true image for the viewer and with the commitment to quality, you can be assured they are warp free.

Product features

  • Safety glass.
  • Certificate: European standard EN 60601-1.
  • Vertical mirror with no inclination.
  • Floor module with swivel, height-adjustable, wheels and brakes
  • User handles to avoid leaving fingerprints

Dimensions 190 x 100 x 53 cm
Mirror thickness 4 mm
Total weight 47 kg


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