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Barre de Pole Dance avec Podium longs pieds
  • Barre de Pole Dance avec Podium longs pieds
  • Barre de Pole Dance avec Podium longs pieds
  • Barre de Pole Dance avec Podium longs pieds

Pole Dance Stage with long legs - Lupit Pole


The Lupit Pole Dance Bar with podium and long legs offers great stability. The long legs allow you to accessorize your Pole wherever you are without it tipping over. Indeed, thanks to its attachment to the end of the pole, you can add an aerial fabric or attach a Lyra hoop and offer various aerial acts. The 45 mm pole is available in chrome, stainless steel or black powder coated finish with or without carrying bag. Quick Lock system to switch from static to spinning

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is a portable pole dance stage that can be assembled in just a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to use the stage where it suits you best: indoors or outdoors. This portable pole dance bar is designed to withstand the most demanding elements in terms of stability.

The pole is only available in 45mm diameter with Chrome, Stainless Steel or Black Powder coated finishes. Be careful, choose the finish that suits you with or without the carrying bag. Thanks to a ready-to-mount ring at the top of the mast, you can make this course even more versatile with an aerial tiller.

Quick Lock™ System

With the Lupit Pole Quick Lock™, a unique quick-locking system, this allows an artist to switch from rotating to static mode in less than a second. No hex keys or screws, just a simple rotation of the locking ring on the lower bearing system: the dancer can change modes in the middle of the show, adding a new dimension to the dance and choreography.

Compatible props for real aerial dance shows

Many props can be used on this podium thanks to its long legs that ensure excellent stability. Add a Lyra Pole hoop or an aerial fabric with a specific attachment and you can really give innovative and creative shows.

To add an extra security to the pole dancer, place a crash mat (available in black, pink and red) on the portable pole dance podium, foldable and compatible with all pole bars.

Features :

  • PODIUM composed of 6 PARTS:
    6 sheets of matt hard laminated plastic
  • HEIGHT: 2,905 m
  • Excellent spin (using automotive and aerospace engineering)
  • The bar is made of two equal pieces using Lupit joints
  • Very stable and rigid construction with 6 legs: each leg has 2 adjustable discs. The outer discs are larger and have a large non-slip surface.
  • Total net weight = 65 kg
  • Post diameter = 45 mm
  • Easy to assemble in 5 minutes
  • Cutting-edge design, pleasant and smooth shapes
  • At the top of the mast there is a ring ready to be fitted for the aerial silk
  • Extensions are available


  • Basis:
    Length: 23 cm
    Width 23 cm
    Height 32 cm
    Weight 12,10 kg

  • Feet:
    Length : 150 cm
    Width 43 cm
    Height 19 cm
    Weight 35 kg
  • Plate:
    Length 81 cm
    Width 85 cm
    Height 9 cm
    Weight 26,40 kg


Before purchasing, please ensure that you have measured the floor-to-ceiling height of the location where you wish to install the pole. The minimum ceiling height must be 310 cm. This will avoid frustration when installing the pole, as you will have the correct extensions (if necessary) to achieve the desired height.

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