Pilates Roller Pro Soft Bleu
  • Pilates Roller Pro Soft Bleu
  • Pilates Roller Pro Soft Bleu

Pilates Foam Roller Pro Soft Blue - Sissel


The blue marbled Pilates Foam Roller Pro 90 cm long is ideal for full spinal support. Suitable for professional training or therapeutic exercises, this Pilates roller from Sissel increases the possibilities of both wellness and athletic exercises. An infinite number of movements are accessible to the beginner thanks to the exercise poster that comes with this soft and fluffy foam roller that doesn't hurt your back!

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The Sissel Pilates Roller Pro Soft is made of a firm yet soft synthetic rubber. Indeed, you will feel that the foam sinks slightly to the touch bringing a flexibility of the material that will follow your movements and your body. But the material remains firm: the soft roller keeps its hold and does not deform over time.

How to use the soft foam roller ?

Suitable for professional training or therapeutic exercises, while increasing the pilates possibilities, the pilates roller comes with an exercise poster. An infinite number of movements will be accessible to you even if you are a beginner. It is best to position yourself on a large pilates mat for maximum comfort. Choose a pilates outfit that is close to the body, such as women's pilates leggings and a women's fitness tank top, which will allow you to perform all the movements without being hindered.

  • As a massage roller: you can practice a soft massage on the back as well as on the legs by using it horizontally in relation to you
  • For relaxation: you can relax the upper body, back and legs by placing it horizontally in relation to you, a bit like a yoga bolster to relieve tension in the lumbar, adductor, hamstrings
  • For pilates and fitness exercises: placed vertically in relation to you (supine), you can choose to lie down on the entire length of the skull at the pelvis of your foam roller and perform exercises such as chest lifts or bridges.

90 cm long and 15 cm in diameter, this large fry is suitable for most people.

The Sissel pilates roller is ideal for :

- people with shoulder problems:

  • the placement of the shoulders: the shoulders placed in the void allow more mobility of the shoulder blades
  • Mobilization of the shoulder blades to help control the shoulder girdle

- people with back problems:

  •     mobilization of the spine

With various exercises, you can also work the abdominals in depth. The soft foam roller is also very interesting for strengthening the thighs and postural muscles in situations of instability. The upper body is not forgotten with the pectorals and biceps.

Delivered with a poster of exercises

Synthetic rubber


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