Weighted wrist 1 kg
  • Weighted wrist 1 kg
  • Weighted wrist 1 kg

Weighted wrist 1 kg

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Two green weighted cuffs of 1 kg each. Ideal for muscular strengthening from the upper body to the lower body, these bracelets easily attach around wrists and ankles thanks to a velcro strap. Useful for all sports



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Sveltus weighted bracelets are available from 0.500 g to 2 kg. The 1 kg weighted bracelet is ideal for strengthening arms, shoulders, legs: calves, buttocks, thighs. To be fixed easily thanks to wide velcro around wrists or ankles, you will intensify your Leg / Buttocks / Thigh exercises as well as the upper body. When you feel your dumbbells are insufficient, simply add a bracelet to increase the load. My extra tip: wear a pair of sports leggings if you attach them to your ankles for convenience!

Sold by 2, that is 2 x 1 kg
Green color, sandy interior

Dimensions: 10 cm x 22 cm x 2.5 cm thick

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