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  • Foot  Stretcher
  • Foot  Stretcher
  • Foot  Stretcher
  • Foot  Stretcher
  • Foot  Stretcher

Foot Stretcher

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Wooden foot stretcher from Techdance: a preventive method to respect the dancer's foot. This complete and neat tool delivered in its carrying case allows you to work and progressively improve the arch of the dancer's foot in preparation for dance or gymnast pointe work. Many accessories delivered with this set an elastic band, a rotation board, a massage roller, wedges and silicone tip



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The ballet foot stretcher

is a complete tool to work the arch of the foot and the kick of the dancer or the gymnast by bringing all the necessary care to your foot. This stretching board allows you to prepare the work on pointe shoes.

During a stretching session with this tool before your class, you will feel your feet more elastic and warm, ready to start and dance to the fullest.

The very dynamic and active extension of your feet with this stretching board increases the elasticity and range of motion of the entire leg, foot and knee to the hip.

Before a performance, contest or audition,

do not put your foot under anything heavy to feel the maximum stretch! Take your stretcher with you and use it to prepare you efficiently and safely.

If you have difficulty getting on tips, insert your foot with the tip into the stretcher and perform foot stretching exercises. The silicone pouch will mold your tips properly and will help you elevate yourself more easily.

At night, you feel exhausted and your feet are a little swollen?

Just bathe your feet in cold water for a few minutes. Then, after, try a few minutes of gentle stretching with your stretcher. You will feel your feet and legs like new!

The kit includes:
- a carrying case
- the foot stretching board
- a silicone pocket for fixing the tip of the foot
- two foam heels
- a wooden massage roller for the foot
- a board to work the rotations
- an elastic band to secure the stretching board

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