Pack Ballet Advanced course CDCJ

Pack for the Ballet Classical Dance Advanced course at the Centre Danse Cynthia Jouffre Rixheim with Virginie Bigois-Freches including a

- a Galate dance leotard in navy blue + a pair of Bloch Contoursoft convertible dance tights + a pair of half-points to try in your Ezabel dance store in Mulhouse

I highly recommend you to complement the hairdressing kit as well as the elastic to work on your kick which will be requested during the year

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Convertible dance tights for women with a hole under the foot for ballet pointe shoes: allows you to place your silicone tip or ouch pouch for the pointe shoes. Without demarcation, very resistant and comfortable, you will appreciate the longevity of these tights. Ballet color matches your slippers and all standard pointe shoes

These convertible dance tights for women have a hole under the foot. It is not used to ventilate your feet as I have heard before but it has many interesting advantages:
- it allows you to wedge your toe cap when you work on your toes: you thus avoid the risks of foot injuries, including blisters. The convertible tights are in this case a complement to the dancer's foot care
- by removing the tights from the foot, you can warm up the foot with a massage ball for example or with your footstretcher
- it rolls up to easily switch from contemporary or modern jazz to ballet. This way, it is easy to wear a foot thong and then put on the pointe shoes when going from one class to another.
Very practical, it is without demarcation to sublimate your legs in a dance leotard. The ballet color is close to the ballet pointe shoes and half pointe shoes. If you need another color that is closer to your skin tone, do not hesitate to contact me for a special order: be sure to match your pointe shoes and half-pointe shoes to stay in a visual consistency.
These tights are also available for girls as soon as they are able to go on pointe: convertible dance tights for girls

Galate ballet dance leotard with wide straps, ruffles on the front and cut under the chest. Available for the girl from 12/14 years and for the woman up to the L in navy blue color. Other sizes & colors on request. Designed in microfiber

Galate ballet dance leotard with wide straps, ruffles on the front and cut under the chest enhanced with over-stitching. Available for the 12/14 year old girl and for the woman up to the M in navy blue color, this woman dance body is ideal as a dance uniform and adapts as well to ballet as to contemporary and modern jazz dance. We also like the crotch cutting that takes the buttock well without going too high on the hip, which brings a lot of comfort to the dancer. Pair it with our contoursoft convertible tights for even more ease. Designed in microfiber, it is lined on the front without bothering the young dancer with the nascent chest.

Other sizes & colors on request

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Type of Leotard
Wide Straps

Performa S0284L adult bi-sole ballet slipper that wraps the dancers foot to perfection. Stretch, sewn-in cross-elastic, this dance shoe is ready to dance. Available in 3 widths, I fit all adult foot shapes from 2 (35) to 8.5 (41.5) Bloch sizes. Perfect for the beginner as well as the experienced dancer, this pink canvas demi pointe also exists in a child version from size 9 (27) to 1.5 (34,5). It is also available in black or sand

The Performa S0284 slippers are made of canvas with two soles. Super soft and light, it wraps perfectly around the dancers foot thanks to its ultra comfortable stretch canvas. Available in 3 widths, B for thin feet, C for a standard foot, D for a wide foot, all dancers, whatever their size, will find a shoe that fits. The PINK ballet color matches the Contoursoft dance tights for girls as well as the convertible dance tights for women. However, if you are looking for this shoe in your skin tone, contact me for more information. These ready to dance slippers are my best selling dance shoes in my dance store in Mulhouse as they offer satisfaction to most dancers from beginner to advanced, from child to adult. Please note that an in-store fitting is always preferable beforehand.


    Bi-sole, and ultra comfortable and lightweight stretch canvas
    Specially designed front last for optimal balance
    Adheres superbly to the arch of the foot
    Cushioning with heel pads
    Pre-sewn criss-cross elastic straps
    Generous leather insoles on the forefoot and heel


    Ultra soft stretch canvas, suede soles

Data sheet

Split Sole
All Level
Double Crossed Elastics

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