Blue softball for pilates
  • Blue softball for pilates

Pilates Softball

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Small Pilates ball, diameter 25 cm, available in different colors blue, red, yellow, green. It inflates easily with a straw provided with the soft ball. Easily transportable, it can be used for many fitness or dance exercises. Decreasing price from 5 educational balls purchased.



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The 25 cm diameter Soft Ball is ideal for muscle strengthening, pilates, gentle gymnastics and relaxation. A small straw is provided with each ball which allows to adjust the inflation according to the exercise performed. Made of red, yellow, green and blue PVC, its material is soft to the touch. Its anti-explosion design allows you to work safely even when you perform a strong pressure on the straw ball, such as bridge or sheathing exercises, for example. If you are a fitness trainer, you may need to carry several small fitness balls. For this purpose, I have provided a ball net that allows you to carry your pilates balls from one point to another in one go. This net is also compatible with the 65 cm swiss ball. Bring a thick gym mat to be comfortable and Toesox socks to avoid slipping.

Each ball is individually packaged in a cardboard box. If you want to get them in bulk, please mention it in the comment of your order.
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