Bloch Hannah pointe shoes for beginner ballet dancer
  • Bloch Hannah pointe shoes for beginner ballet dancer
  • Bloch Hannah pointe shoes for beginner ballet dancer
  • Bloch Hannah pointe shoes for beginner ballet dancer
  • Bloch Hannah pointe shoes for beginner ballet dancer

Hannah Ballet Pointe Shoe

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Hannah S0109L ballet pointe shoes for beginners specially designed to strengthen the foot muscles. Light, arched slipper, soft insole, this pointe shoe accompanies the dancer who is just starting her work on pointe

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The Hannah S0109L Pointe has been specially designed to strengthen the foot muscles of the beginner dancer. Comfortable and flexible material. The ballet shoe has several contact points. Guaranteed support and flexibility, light shoe, arched toe cap, flexible insole, this pointe shoe accompanies the beginner dancer in her early work on pointe. I recommend the use of gel tips to protect the dancer's foot.

This is my best-seller from the dance store Ezabel in Mulhouse for beginner dance pointe shoes!

How to choose your Hannah pointe ?

Go to your local dance store for a fitting. To begin with, the foot must be ready to accept pointe work. Your dance teacher will tell you if you need to wait a little longer to get ready, with the balance fit for example, to build up the ankle or work on the arch with the ballet footstrecher. If he or she feels that the dancer is able to start pointe, your toenails should be well trimmed to avoid any injury or discomfort.

Once your size has been determined (generally one size larger than your usual size, see the size chart), the first thing to do is to find out if you are uncomfortable in flat pointe. If your toes curl, overlap or are compressed, you need to adjust either the size or the width of the box. The Hannah tip is available in three widths X, XX and XXX. Depending on the width of your foot, I can offer you one or the other width. The Hannah pointe is also available in half sizes, sometimes you just need to change a half size to be more comfortable.

Your foot must be supported to dance on pointe. I strongly recommend wedging your toe with the convertible dance tights for girls or the convertible dance tights for women. Your pointe shoe should fit perfectly: when you put on pointe, it should fit just right and when you are on pointe, there should not be too much space in the back. The soft sole of the Hannah pointe should hug the bottom of the foot. If it bends too much and you tip forward, the pointe should be too soft. It is necessary to change the model of pointe shoes or to choose the Hannah Strong Pointe (available on order: contact me)

Try the pointe in different positions: on pointe à la seconde, on pointe en sixième, in demi-plié à plat, with a dégagé to determine if the pointe fits your foot correctly, if it is soft enough or too soft.

These pointe shoes do not come with elastic bands or satin ribbons.

Unfortunately, please note that there is no refund for a pair of spikes that have already softened due to the purchase of oversized or ill-fitting pointe shoes.

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