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Natural pine wooden dance ballet bar - Dinamica Ballet

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This 40mm diameter natural pine wood dance bar fits all our Dinamica Ballet barres. Whether for your wall consoles or floor stands or for your mobile dance bars, the dance bar is available in different lengths and can be customized upon request. For optimal resistance to the pressure exerted by dancers, the touch of unvarnished wood polished and smoothed is incomparable to metal dance bars.



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Natural pine wooden dance ballet barre

The Natural Pine will offer you an optimal resistance to the pressure exerted by the users of the bar. Their resistance has been tested in studies carried out in the materials resistance laboratory of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona. The wood is unglazed, polished and smoothed with care to avoid splinters, offering a pleasant feeling of warmth to the touch, unlike metal bars. In addition, the wood allows a better grip to perform exercises of different intensities.

Robust and durable, the standard barres are available in several lengths but can be customized according to your needs (prices on request) The bars are also available in beech wood (prices on request)

These bars are complementary to our simple wall consoles or dual wall consoles or adjustable ground consoles or to fix between two walls


    South yellow pine wood bars, polished and unglazed
    Standard dimensions available and weight:
        1 m: 1 kg
        1.5 m: 1.5 kg
        2 m: 2 kg
        3 m: 3 kg
    Diameter: 40 mm


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