Barre de danse Mobile Maurice
  • Barre de danse Mobile Maurice

Maurice Dance Bar for Professionals - Dinamica Ballet


The Maurice Dance Bar is a top of the line model for professionals. With 2 wooden bars, this bar is equipped with casters on innovative cast iron bases which allows the Maurice bar to be moved very easily. Once positioned, it is extremely stable. Available in two lengths: 2 meters or 3 meters, it is adapted to dance companies, conservatories and dance schools for its sturdiness and mobility.



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MAURICE Mobile Ballet Barre

is a high-end barre for professionals.

It has 2 wooden bars and is mounted on pedestals with fonts offering extreme stability. Equipped with wheels, the Maurice bar can be moved easily. Thanks to an innovative concept, the wheels will not touch the ground once the bar is positioned allowing it to maintain all its stability.

Characteristics :

     2 pine wood barres, polished and unvarnished, included
     Posts with steel supports, silver color
     Cast iron pedestals, metallic gray color, each with 4 rubber casters

Double height: 83 cm and 105.5 cm

Distance between bars: 19 cm

Post diameter: 50 mm Barre diameter: 40 mm

Base measurements: 41 x 25 x 7 cm

Standard length of barres: 2 m and 3 m

Total weight: 74 kg with barres of 2 m 76 kg with barres of 3 m


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