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Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche
  • Cerceau Lupit Pole 1 Point d'accroche

Modular Aerial Hoop - Lupit Pole

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Powder coated black or stainless steel hoop to hang from the ceiling to perform acrobatics, choose the coating that suits you. Modular, this Lupit Pole hoop can be used in different ways thanks to its different attachment points. Static, rotating or swinging with 1 or 2 attachment points, this hoop allows you to progress at your own pace. Available in 90 cm, 95 cm or 1 meter diameter. Fast delivery


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Alone, in pairs or with the family, try the aerial hoop. This hoop is completely flexible thanks to its single or double removable hooks. You can also choose not to use your hoop with any of the inking points provided. For moments together full of mischief, strength, happiness and love, this hoop is easy to use and position thanks to all the aerial accessories: I recommend the ceiling attachment to hang your hoop. This ceiling attachment is perfect for aerial tricks with the help of a round sling. A carabiner can also be used in an ideal way to mount your aerial hoop. Simply wrap the round sling around the round hook of your ceiling mount and attach your aerial hoop to it. but also to the aerial fabric, which will make your installation really versatile. Caution... if you are training with inexperienced, underage children or just beginners, you must cover the floor with a crash mat.

When installing the suspension, make sure your ceiling is load bearing and can handle the applied load. I recommend at least 2 carabiners and 1 swivel pin

  • Dimensions: The inside diameter of the hoop can be 900, 950, 1000 mm.
  • Handle diameter: 30 mm
  • Tube thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Material: AISI304 stainless steel
  • Number of mounting points (rigging points): 2
  • Distance between mounting points (rigging points): 600 mm   
  • Type of mounting: interchangeable suspension with shaft (axle)
  • Coating: Black or brushed powder-coated stainless steel

Minimum working load limit (WLL) is 1.7KN and minimum breaking load limit (BLL) is 10KN. D stainless steel AISI304


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