Men's Sports Shirts, Tee Shirts for Fitness and Strength Training

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Grey Men's Yoga T-Shirt - Manduka

Price €45.83

This men's yoga tee has a small discreet logo on the front and a large yoga-inspired logo on the back. Of light gray color, it gets married with numerous clothes of yoga. Its technical material is composed in 25 % of organic cotton, 25 % of natural material ray, 50 % of polyester what will allow a good evacuation of the humidity and the perspiration. Adapted to the practice of the yoga or the pilates, the men can also wear it for other sports as the body-building

Men's Exclusive Hesitation Sport T-Shirt - Wearmoi

Price €58.33

This men's sports shirt is particularly original. Black on the front, it has sleeves and back printed with an absorbent textile printed in black and white on a cream background. This men's t-shirt can be combined with the Hésitation printed leggings for a complete set. Nice to wear for weight training, it will also suit an original contemporary dance outfit for men. You can even consider a pas de deux with the dancer wearing a Hésitation leotard.

Gradien Grey T-shirt

Price €29.08

This Gradien Grey Tee Shirt will delight the dancers with its silkscreened pattern in the Urban Culture trend. We especially like its changing gray background. The pattern is declined in red, white, grey and black. Size small but long. 100% cotton

T-Shirt Man Rio

Price €29.08

Tee Shirt Hip Hop Rio. On a white background, the purple, bright green and black pattern is silkscreened on the front shoulder side and bottom of the tee shirt. Short sleeves and rounded collar. This model is not very wide but especially long. It is therefore also suitable for thinner gabaries.

Boxer Man T-shirt Khaki

Price €23.75

Sport T-shirt for man of the brand Boxeur des Rues Kaki color with French Flag. Emblematic T-shirt of the Boxeur des Rues brand with a silkscreen print on the front. On the back, a discreet logo representing the Fighter Brand can be found as a watermark.

Men's Evolution Sport Shirt - Cajubrasil

Price €45.83

Men's sport shirt blue or black with small logo chest Evolution. This men's fitness shirt is extremely light and absorbent. Treated anti UV, this extra mesh dries very quickly. Anti-bacterial, this men's fitness shirt will also suit you for yoga or even running. Not too sticky, you will appreciate its simplicity but especially its technicality that you can combine with the men's sport shorts. Round neck.

Men's Black Yoga T-Shirt - Manduka

Price €45.83

Men's yoga or pilates t-shirt with a white Manduka pattern on the back on a black background. This sports shirt is made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton and 25% rayon to allow perspiration to evacuate quickly. This yoga clothing is a perfect blend of natural materials and technical materials to offer sportsmen the technicality most suited to their practice whether yoga, pilates and even fitness.

How to choose a fitness and bodybuilding t-shirt for man?

There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing a sports shirt for man

  • thermo-regulation is essential
    sportsmen always tend to sweat more than women, even to the point of wetting their shirts! You need a sports shirt that absorbs moisture and dries quickly to avoid getting cold when you stop.
  • opt for an anti-microbial textile
    High humidity can also mean high odor. The new fabrics allow to better manage perspiration and stop odors. Even if you opt for a close-fitting t-shirt, the performance of your fitness clothing must offer anti-odour protection. You will find this technicality in my leggings and tights for man and my running shorts for man.
  • Flat seams, phosphorescent inserts and pockets
    these small details are really a plus when choosing your fitness tee-shirt! The flat seams avoid chafing and ensure greater resistance during movements with your fitness equipment such as push-ups, bench presses for example. Thanks to the glow-in-the-dark inserts you can use your t-shirt for outdoor crossfit and running. A long sleeve sports shirt with a pocket can also be practical for your keys. Usually, they are zipped and placed on the back to allow hands free exercise. There are also highly technical seamless sports shirts.
  • The design of your sports shirt reflects your state of mind
    Generally, if you're a performance man, plain sports shirts have discreet designs and are made from technical fibers. If you're a fan of message T-shirts, they're usually made of cotton with a touch of spandex for flexibility. In natural material, cotton sports shirts are less temperature regulating but have the advantage of being able to be worn in the city too!
    Depending on your taste, you can choose a loose-fitting men's sports shirt or a tights sports shirt. The latter are often second skin t-shirts that have great thermo-regulating powers: in order to protect you from the cold and the heat, they must be worn as close to the skin as possible so that they fulfill their function.
  • The color of your T-shirt is also a determining factor for good performance
    Sweat can leave marks, especially under the armpits. If you want a white or light colored t-shirt for men, I recommend a technical t-shirt for men that leaves less visibility to perspiration. Obviously, black or navy blue sport shirts for men can better manage this situation but have the disadvantage of being less visible at night if you practice outside and absorb heat if you practice in the sun.
  • You can also choose a sleeveless t-shirt for warmer periods and according to your preferences like the men's fitness tank top.
  • For your comfort, make sure you choose a collar that does not disturb you during the effort like a men's sport t-shirt with a V-neck or a round neck or even with a zip to be able to play on the opening!

How to maintain your men's sport t-shirt?

To ensure the longevity of your men's T-shirt, and especially its anti-bacterial and thermo-regulating functions, avoid washing your sports shirt using fabric softeners. Indeed, you think you can camouflage odors by perfuming your shirt with a lavender smell, but quality technical fibers do not release odors over time. Instead, fabric softener can damage the properties of your garment more quickly.