3/4 Leggings and Women's Sport Capris for Gym and Fitness

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UFO Unisex Bermuda Red

Price €45.83

Old School Bermuda Shorts for Men and Women Red. Anti-water repellent, Quick drying. Oversize, it is available in XS equivalent 38 and S equivalent 40. Ideal for zumba, hip hop, urban dance, bodybuilding thanks to the amplitude of the cut.

Even if women's sport leggings are popular, women's fitness cropped pants, often close to the body and designed in an ultra-absorbent and anti-bacterial textile, are suitable for sportswomen looking for intensity. For fitness or crossfit, a sport pant offers performance. For hiking or leisure, the loose-fitting casual cuts will also seduce you to be comfortable all year round. The bright or pastel colors and the original design of these models can be matched with a women's sports tank top or a short-sleeved fitness t-shirt.
Want something even shorter? Adopt the Fitness Shorts and the bra to face the hot weather!
Extend the use of your sport capris with textile accessories such as legwarmers