Girardi Small Gifts and Accessories for Dancers

Girardi is the specialist in cheap jewelry, hair accessories, bags and small gifts for dancers, gymnasts, yogis and skaters

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List of products by brand Girardi

Half Crown

Price €8.25

Half-crown in metal and strass with comb for a good fit. This mini tiara is suitable for all dancers to embellish their tutu. It is available in white, pink, blue or multicoloured.

Metal Strass Comb for Dancer Bun

Price €16.67

Large metal comb 14 cm long curved that comes to decorate under the bun of dancer or above the bun as a real jewel dance. Numerous rhinestones will illuminate your dance or ceremony hairstyle and complete your show costume or your stage tutu. Fixed metal fork of 6 cm

Decorative Metal Comb Strass

Price €25.00

Beautiful metal comb with rhinestones for your dance and show hairstyle. Very practical, the 5 cm fork is movable and can complete your dancer's bun with a 11.5 cm long size. You can place this silver rhinestone comb in different parts of your hair to illuminate your stage outfit or tutu

Girls Adjustable Butterfly Ring

Price €4.17

A little ring always makes the dancers happy! This little metal jewel is adjustable to the size of the girl's finger from 1.4 cm to 1.6 cm. Decorated with a rhinestone butterfly, it comes in different colors. A little gift to add to a dance outfit for all occasions of the year

Gold Crystal Headband Tiara

Price €29.17

Gold metal tiara with crystals on top. Perfectly adjustable to all heads, this headband will embellish a hairstyle for the dancer as well as for the woman during an evening or a ceremony, a wedding. This hair jewel goes with a tutu or a show costume whatever it is

Pink Mesh Bun Net

Price €1.67

Pink mesh bun net, 8 cm wide, to discipline the young dancer's hair. This hair accessory matches the pink girl's dance outfit and fits in any dance bag. Durable, it is an alternative to the more fragile transparent net for daily ballet classes.

Pointe Shoes Bag at the bar

Regular price €8.25 Price €5.78

Canvas bag to store your ballet shoes, whether they are demi-pointes or pointe shoes. Convenient to close with a drawstring. Printed in pink tones with a tutu and a pair of pointe shoes attached to the wooden dance bar. Back of the bag is perforated to let your pointe shoes breathe

Which dancer's jewelry to choose?

Pearls and zyrconium as well as leather cords for pendants are particularly suitable for little girls to make an original gift. For the young woman or woman, a silver ballet jewelry will be more precious and appreciated. The dancer jewel can also be a small tiara to be fixed on the hairstyle.

The Screen Printed Dance Bag

Girardi also offers dance bags in the form of a backpack, particularly practical with their double compartment. The capacity is sufficient for dancers who want to store slippers, pointe shoes, a dance outfit and even a warm-up sweater. The special feature of these bags is that the top pocket is screen printed with a dance-themed photo. In the same way, offer a small canvas bag to store pointe shoes or half-pointe shoes: a wide variety of models are available to offer for any occasion