Women's Contemporary and Modern-Jazz Dance Shorts and Panties

The shorts or the dance panties are an essential accessory in a dancer's outfit. Useful for galas but also to slip into your dance bag at any time!
- Warm-up clothes and dance tights for women allow you to wear your dance shorts in any season
- Women's jazz tank tops combine with dance shorts to create versatile outfits for the athletic woman
- jazz dance bras and dance skirts can be matched with culottes which are trendy for contemporary dance
- jazz, contemporary shoes, footwear will protect your feet and make it easier for you to rotate

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Sélène Warm-Up Short

Price €37.50

The Selene Warm-up Short is made of acrylic knit embroidered on the front and plain on the back. To pucker the sides, small ties are inserted laterally. Its original design with these burgundy flowers matches the whole range of Wearmoi warm-up clothes.

Dance Shorts Chiarra

Price €29.17

Very nice dance shorts for contemporary dance, modern jazz or pole dance. The V belt is set with a leopard print veil with a reminder of the pattern on the side. Available in burgundy or black, you can match it with the Azami crop top or the black Abiana bra.

Blue Diamond Shorty

Price €20.83

Shorty Diamond Blue, high waist women's sportswear panties that can be worn alone for pole dance or under a veil skirt for contemporary dance. Very pleasant to wear, aesthetic with its veil waist decorated with a velvet pattern.

Pole Dance Panties

Price €16.67

Dance panties for Pole Dance or contemporary dance. You will appreciate its high waist and the elastic that keeps well in place. To be combined with the Neena dance bra for a pole dance training outfit! Available in S, M or L and in different colors in limited edition: black, navy blue or orange

Multi sport women's sweat Shorts

Price €66.58

Super cool, these women's sweat shorts! A mid-thigh length short that you will appreciate for the summer as a sportswear but also for hiking, tennis or any other racket sport, dancing... Multi-sport, it has pockets, an elasticated waistband and a drawstring. Available in turquoise for women who like bright colors and khaki for those who want to blend in.

Women Capri for Sport - Cajubrasil

Price €40.83

From S to XL, these women's sport capris are literally magical with their New Zealand technical fabric! Indeed, the thick material of these 3/4 length fitness leggings visually erases cellulite and shapes your silhouette. This high waist fitness capri is opaque even during squats or other fitness or yoga postures that sometimes can be embarrassing. Mid-calf length, this women's sports legging is available in black or blue

Women's mid-length sport shorts - Cajubrasil

Price €37.50

These women's mid-thigh length sport shorts are absolutely perfect for everything! Dance, Yoga, Fitness or Running, its versatility makes it an all-terrain short! High waist, its anti-cellulite New Zealand material allows to have a refined and shapely silhouette. Available in black or blue, the trick is to be able to slip your smartphone in the side pocket provided for this purpose. Ultra stretchy, thick, these women's shorts are also compatible for indoor biking or outdoor cycling

3/4 Sport Legging Gothic

Price €41.67

Women's short sports leggings with 3/4 cut on black background with white-gray pattern in the gothic style and red roses. Easy to match with a plain red or black sports bra or a women's fitness tank top. Ideal for your cardio sessions, these high-waisted women's fitness shorts absorb moisture and shape the abdominal muscles. Available from S to L