ITAC2 Sports Grip

ITAC2 Sports Grip manufactures waxes for pole dance, aerial arts, circus and many other sports

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List of products by brand ITAC2 Sports Grip

iTac2 Sports Grip was launched in Australia in 2007 in a private garage by Warren, a French polisher by trade who had years of knowledge of different types of waxes and resins. While playing golf, he was struggling with sweaty hands. His brother played bowling, but he had difficulty holding the balls because of a birth handicap.

That's when he developed a beeswax-based grip product that solved the problems he and his brother were having. He publicized his invention in local sports clubs and received amazing feedback from all types of sports. He soon realized that almost all sports required some kind of grip for the body or sports equipment. This is how the iTac2 Sports Grip was born.

Today the iTac2 Sports Grip and the iTac2 Pole Dance Grip are sold in more than 65 countries worldwide and are used by athletes in more than 40 sports.