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Temps Danse, French line of women's dance wear and women's yoga wear

The brand Temps Danse® is created by Patrick Chipont in 1983 according to the concept of women's sport. After working for several years with dancers and fitness practitioners in specialty shops, he wants to give the woman dance clothes in which she feels good and beautiful. The first collection TIME DANCE® comes out in 1984.

Today, Temps Danse dancewear is sold in several countries and the brand is recognized in the world of dance and fitness. Each product has been designed according to new dance techniques but also fitness, pilates.

The Temps danse collections are designed for intense practice of classical dance, jazz, contemporary but also fitness, Zumba, Pilates and all forms of yoga.

The design and creation of the models is entirely made in France. The production of the collections and the production is entrusted to a French factory and a Tunisian factory for several years. Temps Danse selects its textiles in a rigorous way.

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Fresia child leggings

Price €25.00

Fuchsia pink children's leggings in size 6 years. Ideal for gym or dance, these footless lycra tights offer the robustness needed by all sporty little girls for school, home or sport. It can be combined with a leotard like a dress.