New DEHA collection for the Sportive Chic

DEHA, the Italian dance brand that Ezabel chose because it combines all the sectors offered by our store in France: women's dance pantswomen's organic cotton yoga clothes, women's cotton fitness leggings

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List of products by brand DEHA

Hoodless sports jacket

Regular price €66.58 Price €33.29

Hoodless sports jacket with brushed cotton interior. Soft and warm, it accompanies you for your yoga sessions. With the double sans zipper, you can adjust the opening downwards or upwards according to your practice. Superb quality

Plain Short Top

Regular price €41.58 Price €20.79

Between the bra and the tank top, this short top in plain organic cotton has the advantage that it can be layered. For the practice of yoga, soft gym and pilates with Actifresh technology, it wicks moisture to be comfortable during the effort.

Women's soft yoga pants

Regular price €66.58 Price €33.29

Women's soft yoga pants length 7/8 with large pockets and wide waistband to turn over. Available in orange, pink or black, made of organic viscose, it will gently assist you in your asanas. From Small to XL

Organic Yoga Crop Top

Regular price €37.42 Price €29.93

Women's organic cotton Yoga Crop Top with 12% Elastane to bring flexibility in your movements and postures. Available in orange or pastel pink, it matches our soft yoga pants and leggings.

Women's Yoga and Relaxation T-shirt

Regular price €37.92 Price €18.96

Here is a t-shirt for women that will bring you relaxation and comfort during your meditation or yoga sessions. Plain, we like its ample cut with a knotted effect on the front. In organic viscose, it is soft and pleasant. Available in pink or orange to match our yoga leggings.

Original Yoga Tank Top for Woman

Regular price €49.92 Price €24.96

Women's yoga tank top with original back design. Available in orange, parma or pink, its back swimmer allows to wear easily a sports bra. Natural and pleasant textile, it matches with the organic cotton leggings Graphique. We like its length which gives a tunic look to this women's yoga tank top.

Striped short top

Regular price €41.58 Price €20.79

B44483 sports bra with swimmer's back designed in organic cotton in white or black color with large tricolor orange border in sanitized actifresh for comfort during the effort. Lined, it will seduce you for dance, yoga, meditation...

Organic cotton T-shirt - DEHA

Regular price €33.25 Price €26.60

Here is a small woman's tee-shirt that does not pay mine. Made of light organic cotton, environmentally friendly, it's the little extra to match your sportswear! A wide range of colors allows you to match it with your dance leggings, yoga pants or fitness shorts. Black, white, yellow, pink, turquoise, its cut is not too tight to allow all female figures to find a compatible sports shirt.

Yoga Jogger for Women Relax - DEHA

Regular price €74.92 Price €59.94

Comfort guaranteed with these yoga pants woman white. You can also opt for the yellow or turquoise for a more versatile use as the dance, the fitness or simply in sportswear. Very light, the viscose associated with cotton and elastane allow to realize all the movements even dynamic. Perspiration is easily evacuated. The EcoVero label guarantees you an ethical and environmentally friendly woman's yoga garment

DEHA is an internationally renowned Italian dance brand that respects the ecosystem and pays special attention to the use of certified sustainable materials.

DEHA Hype for sporty women who want a trendy, urban look

It's a bright and colorful interpretation of the latest women's trends. DEHA HYPE's style offers a unique but still comfortable experience of urban athleisure and functional clothing. You'll love the dancer look with the women's jogging pants and the women's sweatshirts and jackets, but they're also perfect for more relaxed moments!

DEHA Move for the active woman looking for moments of well-being and relaxation

It's the perfect combination of a high-quality, durable casual look and a sophisticated feminine spirit. The search for comfort, the use of organic and soft materials and its specially studied cut allow each DEHA MOVE style to accompany women during physical activity with a dynamic line of Fitness clothing for women, but also during moments of well-being and physical relaxation

Eco Feeling, a collection that speaks to yoga practitioners but not only!

The sportswoman, the dancer who seeks to reduce her environmental impact will find in the DEHA collection an answer to her eco sensitivity! Naturally, we are thinking in particular of women's clothing for yoga, but DEHA has always taken particular care in the choice of materials and dyes, whether for ballet, dance or fitness. The textiles used have internationally recognized certifications that guarantee strict standards:

  • ORGANIC 100 certifies the presence of at least 95% natural fibers from organic farming
  • ORGANIC BLENDED certifies the presence of natural fibers from organic farming up to 95% and 5% minimum
  • EcoVero by LENZING guarantees :
    - the use of wood and cellulose fibers from certified sources
    - an environmentally responsible production process that meets high environmental standard
    - up to 50% fewer emissions than generic viscose
    Loose-fitting pants are made from this fabric, as well as many other DEHA dance and yoga garments, such as short-sleeve Tees and long-sleeve T-shirts
  • Q-NOVA® by Fulgar is an ecologically sustainable nylon fiber made from regenerated raw materials: many DEHA leggings are made from this fabric
  • OEKO-TEX: DEHA has raw material suppliers that use Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX: a control and certification system that identifies products that do not pose a health risk to consumers

DEHA's packaging consists of biodegradable bags for all its eco-sustainable garments. These bags undergo the process that occurs when microorganisms in the environment recognize the substance as food, then consume and digest it. This property helps to maintain the ecological balance of the planet on a regular basis, making the environment cleaner and more sustainable...