Girl's Ballet Dance Leotard from 4 years old to 14 years old

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Dance Leotard Carlotta

Price €24.17

French manufacture for this leotard body of Dance Carlotta doubled! This leotard with wide straps is perfect for young dancers from 4 years old and adult ballerinas up to XL. Available in different colors: white, pastel pink and coral brasilia for the smallest sizes, it also exists in black, burgundy red and green for the adult sizes.

Yseult Ballet Leotard

Price €29.17

Girl's leotard Yseult in light blue or pastel pink: wide straps, lined at the chest, gathers on the front. This girl leotard made in France in lycra is ideal for a girl's ballet outfit as a dance uniform. Versatile, this girl's leotard is also suitable for a contemporary dance class or modern-jazz.

Gray ballet Leotard

Price €37.50

Girl's grey ballet leotard has pretty thin straps that criss-cross delicately in the back. The gray color revives the pastels and tempers the fluorescent lights. Supplex. Size 8 years and 12 years: Attention, this model is small size!

Justaucorps, leotard, body, a history of vocabulary

Created by Mr. Jules Léotard, a French circus artist, inventor of the flying trapeze in 1859, Justaucorps and Leotard designate the same garment, one in its French version and the other, from the name of its inventor. By extension, the leotard, a term widely used abroad, is also called body because it must stick to the skin to follow all the curves of the body without hindering the movements. Thus, the words leotard, leotard, body are synonyms to name this swimsuit ready to the body which is used in many activities as the girl's dance body but also the gym leotard.

The choice of straps

The girl's ballet leotard is available from age 4 to 14 in a wide range of colors. After 14 years old, for those who need to dress up in women's leotards, check out the assortment of women's ballet leotards,

  • For competitions, the pastel leotard is popular to meet the standards! Whether it's white, pink or turquoise, the girl's leotard can also be easily combined with a girl's dance skirt or tutu to customize it.
  • For dance class, the girl's bodysuit comes in thin straps, cross straps, sleeves or lace. Most girls' ballet bodysuits are lined. For older girls, the cross-strap leotard is the most popular. Site tip: use the search engine in the left menu to select your dance leotard.

If you opt for wide or thin straps, pair the dance bodysuit with a  warm-up garment such as a heart warmer or crop top to protect your child from small drafts and cooler moments.

Pair a navy, green, red or orange dance leotard with dance shorts for a versatile dance outfit. A white girl's ballet leotard can also be the basis for a girl's modern jazz dance outfit.

Finally, don't forget the dance tights for girls that match the slippers recommended by the schools for a complete girl's ballet outfit.