Ballet Dance Skirts for Girls, Tutus Made in France

Here choose your dance skirt that you will match with a girl leotard for a complete dance outfit. With a tutu for girls from 2 years old, offer a gift that pleases both the mother and the young dancer.

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Soizic Dance Skirt

Price €12.50

Basic dance skirt in veil. Elasticated at the waist, it allows to be put on easily. Currently available in size 8/10 years, brasilia colors, it can be available in all sizes for girls and women and up to 19 colors on request. To combine with the basic dance leotards and the Carlotta dance leotard

Dolly Light Pink Ballet Dance Skirt

Price €21.67

The Dolly Light Pink Ballet Dance Skirt is a pretty model with an elasticated waist and fake knot at the back. Its cut sheet on the front makes it even more beautiful. In stretch muslin, it stretches and is easy to slip on. It coordinates with ease with our bodysuits or child leotards

A girl's dance outfit definitely means tutu! But did you know that what you call a tutu is perhaps a girl's dance tunic or the assembly of a girl's ballet leotard and a skirt?

Dance skirt or girl's dance tutu?

The ballet tutu pleases little girls as much as it does moms or grannies. Very often, the tutu is not tolerated in dance schools. There are two reasons:

  • the tutu is a performance garment: it is therefore exclusively reserved for dance competitions or performances such as the end-of-year gala. It is your dance school that will provide the tutu for the stage. I offer specific prices to schools for a wide range of tutus made in France: do not hesitate to ask me for a precise estimate.
  • the spirit of corps de ballet which is inculcated from a young age can only be done if all the little girls are equipped in a uniform way. Indeed, it is both a group identity but also an ease for the dance teacher to spot the bad placements. Haven't you noticed that the youngest girls want to join a group called "the blues" or "the reds" because they are the biggest? They can't wait to wear the same dance outfit as the older girls.

Reserve the panecake tutu for a gift as well as a pretty dance jewel! The preparation of a photo book can also be an opportunity to renew a tutu

Today, many schools ask their students to wear only the leotard. But the disappointment for young ballerinas is sometimes important. Thanks to a ballet skirt for girls in plain or flowered voile you will be able to silence some frustrations. The dance skirt for girls can easily be combined with any girl's ballet leotard. For the smallest ballerinas, I recommend an elasticated dance skirt that is easy to put on. Older girls can choose a dance skirt with a tie.

I offer a large selection of ballet skirts for girls in soft colored tulle for an exceptional dance outfit. For the ballet tutu for your competitions, I offer a custom service: choose thin straps, a tutu to your image with short or long sleeves. Do not hesitate to contact me for more details