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Lumbar cushion for Abdominals

Price €16.67

Black PVC coated foam lumbar cushion to facilitate and amplify the amplitude of your abdominal exercises. Its design fits all body sizes and is based on the natural curvature of the spine to relieve any tension in the back during crunches. A compact and easy to carry design weighing 700 gr Length 37 cm x Width 30.50 cm x Height 7.50 cm

Yoga Mat Mandala - Flow - YDL

Price €58.33

Here is a particularly exceptional yoga mat! Made from recycled PET, it ensures absolute comfort to all yoga and pilates practitioners with its 6 mm thickness. Ultra light for a weight of 850 gr, this mat is equipped with a strap of transport. Cherry on the mat! Available in pink, purple, turquoise or gray, it is pretty with its mandala design

Infinity 5mm Mandala Yoga Mat - YDL

Price €90.83

Rubber sports mat with mandala pattern in black, teal, turquoise or pink. Soft to the touch, very anti-slip for all practices, the versatility of this yoga mat also allows the gym, fitness or pilates. Comfortable in all postures thanks to its 5 mm thickness. Carrying strap included