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Black Massage GRID Roller

Price €37.50

GRID black massage roller: firmness adapted to both sportsmen and people looking only for the well-being to massage the whole body. Hollow roller for a better hold, designed to be as close as possible to a real massage by a professional.

MB1 Massage Ball - Triggerpoint

Price €15.00

The MB1 Massage Ball provides direct deep tissue compression for quick relief of aches, pains and muscle fatigue in small areas. It can be used on any surface, allowing you to roll anytime, anywhere. The massage ball is ideal for targeting small muscles such as calves, piriformis and pectorals. Diameter 6.4 cm

Yoga foam discs for knees

Price €8.33

These two high quality TPE foam discs of 17.5 cm in diameter offer an incredible comfort for the knees for your yoga postures, the elbows for the sheathing planks and the ankles during prolonged sitting in meditation. Thickness 1.80 cm, these two cushions of yoga also allow to protect your wrists in certain positions. Their sufficiently large diameter also offers the possibility of putting a disc under the hips, under the forehead...

Lumbar cushion for Abdominals

Price €16.67

Black PVC coated foam lumbar cushion to facilitate and amplify the amplitude of your abdominal exercises. Its design fits all body sizes and is based on the natural curvature of the spine to relieve any tension in the back during crunches. A compact and easy to carry design weighing 700 gr Length 37 cm x Width 30.50 cm x Height 7.50 cm

SITFIT® PLUS air-inflated cushion

Price €54.17

SITFIT PLUS seat ball cushion. It corrects the sitting position and becomes active. This air-inflated cushion helps you strengthen your back and pelvis, stimulate blood circulation, and strengthen your legs and feet. More stable than a big ball and better tolerated at the office, you can put it on your office chair without seeing or knowing. Delivered with a grey cover, exercise sheet, pump

Pilates Foam Roller Pro Soft Blue - Sissel

Price €57.50

The blue marbled Pilates Foam Roller Pro 90 cm long is ideal for full spinal support. Suitable for professional training or therapeutic exercises, this Pilates roller from Sissel increases the possibilities of both wellness and athletic exercises. An infinite number of movements are accessible to the beginner thanks to the exercise poster that comes with this soft and fluffy foam roller that doesn't hurt your back!