Girl's Ballet Dance Warm-Up Apparel

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Girl's Large Sweater - Bloch

Price €33.25

Thin oversized warm-up sweater for girls ages 8 to 12. Beautiful in both black and bright purple, this little knit with an openwork pattern can be worn to the dance as well as with jeans or any other dancewear. We appreciate its V neckline that gives style. 100% cotton, it gives just the right amount of warmth to the dance studio, whether for classical dance or street jazz. A very nice gift idea for girls

Pink Girl's Warm-Up Set Pink Girl's Warm-Up Set
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Pink Girl's Warm-Up Set

Regular price €63.34 Price €52.59

Chic gift idea for the young dancer: this warm-up set includes a pink bun net, a pink easy pull-on warm-up sweater and a pair of one-size-fits-all pink spats. Available for ages 4 and up, these girls' warm-up clothes are perfect for winter and a wonderful idea to slip under the Christmas tree

Child fleece Jacket

Price €24.92

Fleece Sport Jacket for kids is ideal to face the cold with softness! Customizable for dance schools or sports associations on request. Many colors to order! From 3/4 years - 98/104 cm to XXL - 13/14 years - 158/164 cm

Girl Heart Cover Sweater - Bloch

Price €32.50

Here is a nice little sweater for girls that gives a real wrap effect without the inconvenience of the lace to close and that opens at the slightest movement. Very light, this warm-up garment is ideal for the young dancer as well as for her dance class thanks to its 100% cotton knit. We like the pastel pink color as much as the bright purple color which matches with many girls' leotards.

Tulipe Warm-Up Set Tulipe Warm-Up Set
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Tulipe Warm-Up Set

Regular price €62.50 Price €56.25

Revisit the dance warm-up with this set crop top sweater and gaiters for woman and girl from 8 years old. You rather like neutral colors: choose the model gray and white. Do you like the color?  For cool tones to use all year round, the turquoise and duck green sweater is perfect with the matching long leggings. For a more choice but fizzy tone, opt for the pink and purple model that will enhance any white or black leotards

Girls Jogging Pants Affeto Dancer - Temps Danse

Price €37.50
The Affeto Girl's Dance Jogging Pants with Dancer print from Temps Danse is a very comfortable unisex model. A stretchy loose fit accentuated by naturally soft viscose that adapts to all dances: from 8 to 12 years old, these dance jogging pants for girls or boys are ideal for hip hop as well as contemporary dance or as an overgarment or warm-up pant for ballet. Tightened on the bottom, it allows to see the work of the legs

Women's Girl Dance Warm-Up Suit

Price €49.17

This jumpsuit with straps is a warm-up garment for dance. The Capella model allows the girl from 8 years old as well as the woman to start her dance session smoothly. This comfortable and cozy acrylic dance academic is available in black. It is suitable for all dances. Tightened at the bottom, it allows to free the movements of legs for the beats among others

Woman and Girl's Warm Up Jumpsuit - Intermezzo

Price €57.50

This dance suit for warm-up is one of the great specialties of the house of Intermezzo. Made of acrylic and directly knitted in the Barcelona workshops in Spain, simply slip this academic over your dance leotard. The thin straps adjust to the straps of your dance body. Your legs and back are covered to gently warm up. You can roll the top over your hips when the warm-up is done to wear it as pants.

At the beginning of class or in the dressing room

Moms often get their little dancers ready for school. To avoid a bad cold, a warm-up garment adapted for girls as young as 4 years old will complement the dance uniform and the wrap sweaters that are easy to put on over a girl's leotard or dress tunic. Waiting for class in the dressing room with a cute dance cover-up will protect your little ballerina from the cold.

It is essential to warm up before a dance class and to keep your joints and muscles warm: with legwarmers and gaiters to slip over girls' dance tights and colorful warm-up boots to wear over the ballet half-slippers, the comfort of your dancer will be increased.

These are often excellent dance gift complements, to be given on all the right occasions throughout the year.

Women also have their own range of ballet warm-up clothes in the Women's Ballet Dance Warm-Up Clothing section

How to attach a dance wrap top?

To wear a dance cover-up, I recommend choosing a style that is age appropriate for your daughter or child. The little ones do not know how to tie a knot easily, so it can be complicated to tie the wrap. In this case, I recommend you the girl's wrap sweater, which is easy to put on like a sweater. It comes in black, white, pastel pink and white. For a dancer's look symbolizing grace, don't choose it too big.this model appreciated even outside the dance school can be worn at school as well as in leisure at any time like a cardigan. It should be short and rather close to the body to fulfill its warm-up function.

If you opt for the traditional dance wrap, you have to cross over each panel on the front. There is usually a small hole on one side of the wrap, usually at the bottom of the side seam, through which you slip one of the cords! Once the cord is threaded through the hole and the two sides are crossed in the front, bring the cords on each side back and tie a shoe knot.

You need to know how to tie a blind knot since a dance wrap is tied in the back. If your daughter doesn't know how to tie a knot easily, the dance teacher will quickly lose patience if he has to wait until the dance outfit is well put on... You can eventually bring the knot to the side, but the cords of the heart covers are usually of a standard length that do not allow easily to make the knot on the side. There are sometimes heart-shaped ties that can also be tied on the front, but they have a decorative function rather than a heating function.