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SVELTUS, French manufacturer of Home Fitness Equipment and creator of the Elastiband

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List of products by brand SVELTUS

Yoga Strap

Price €8.33

Yoga strap pastel purple 1.82 m and 3.8 cm wide in polyester with plastic buckle. A yoga accessory at a small price to facilitate the postures of balance or increase the flexibility and ease of movement. Ideas for exercises with the belt: straighten the chest and open the shoulders, lengthen the spine, extend your arms for movements requiring to hook the toe and many other applications

Workout Dome with Elastic Band

Price €100.00

Used as much in physiotherapy and joint rehabilitation of the knees and ankles as in fitness and pilates, this dome is a half ball inflated on a hard bottom. Supplied with 2 detachable elastic tubes each with a handle for a total length of about 100 cm, you can also perform upper body exercises while working on instability or endurance. Thanks to this dome similar to the Bosu, you develop the coordination of the movements by keeping the balance, reinforce the essential muscular zones to reinforce the stability

Lumbar cushion for Abdominals

Price €16.67

Black PVC coated foam lumbar cushion to facilitate and amplify the amplitude of your abdominal exercises. Its design fits all body sizes and is based on the natural curvature of the spine to relieve any tension in the back during crunches. A compact and easy to carry design weighing 700 gr Length 37 cm x Width 30.50 cm x Height 7.50 cm

7-15 kg Purple Power band

Price €8.33

Closed latex band in purple color with a length of 103 cm with a resistance of 7 - 15 kg. As this power band is in one piece, it can be easily attached by making a loop on a support such as a beam, a trellis or even a tree trunk to perform your bodybuilding exercises indoors or outdoors.

Body Pump 17.50 Kg Kit

Price €117.96

Complete kit for body pump if you follow your courses on YouTube including the bar with foam and disc stop, two discs of 1.25 kg, 2 discs of 2.5 kg, 2 discs of 5 kg. The total of your loaded bar will be 17.5 kg. Possibility to buy additional discs to reach your ideal load, the bar supporting a maximum load of 80 kg

Mini parallel bars of 45 cm

Price €62.50

Have fun with its mini parallel bars of 45 cm height for cross training, crossfit and body weight exercises. Usable both indoors and outdoors, the skates protect your floor. Design your circuit training by alternating exercises with the 72 cm high parallel bars and other fitness equipment. Sold by 2

Aerobic skipping Rope

Price €8.33

The advantage of this aerobic skipping rope is that it is very light: it is ideal for beginners. Its foam wrists are comfortable to hold. The rope itself is made of PVC with a rubber cover, which means it doesn't hurt when you start skipping, unlike metal or leather ropes. The ball bearing allows a higher speed of rotation and a comfort in the movement.

Sveltus has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of fitness accessories and wellness equipment for over 30 years.

Buy Sveltus Elastiband

The Elastiband is entirely made in France and created by Sveltus. This canvas elastic is particularly resistant, washable, and adapted to fitness on the go. I also offer elastic bands sold by the meter with variable resistances to be able to adapt your workouts according to the evolution of your capacities. The elastic bands are suitable for both rehabilitation and bodybuilding. Dancers as well as pilates practitioners use them to work different muscle groups. All that's left to do is get on the mat!

Equipment adapted to the Sports Coach for physical preparation

In addition to equipment for muscle strengthening, such as weighted bracelets or small dumbbells, Sveltus offers articles for gentle gymnastics and yoga, accessories for motor skills, and equipment for cardiotraining. You will be able to find everything you need according to the sport session you are going to program. All the equipment is designed to be used during your coaching sessions and to withstand intense and sustained work. Inflating the large Sveltus pilates ball should be quick and easy: a small hand pump that is easy to carry if you are a home coach! The Sveltus pilates ball is inflated with a straw, provided in the package. To carry multiple balls in bulk, consider the ball net. The adjustable skipping rope also fits easily into the sports coach's gym bag

Cross Training for the home or the crossfit room

Suspension straps, parallel bars, kettlebells or the 10 kg weighted vest are trendy and functional innovations to intensify your workouts and complete your basic equipment. I make sure that the home gym items are available on the website as well as in the store. Don't hesitate to contact me for any information if you don't find what you need.

Quantity discounts from 5 identical items

Sveltus products cover the whole area of physical preparation and recovery and are aimed at all sportsmen and women, amateur and professional athletes, whether it be bodybuilding, dance, pilates or yoga. I offer a quantitative discount from 5 identical items purchased for associations, communities, sports clubs. Simply place the desired number of items in your cart and the discount will be applied automatically.