List of products by brand SVELTUS

SVELTUS, French manufacturer of Fitness Equipment and creator of the Elastiband

Sveltus has been a specialist for more than 25 years in the design and manufacture of fitness accessories and wellness equipment.

Creator of the Elastiband, this one is entirely made in France.

In addition to muscle-building equipment, Sveltus offers articles for soft gymnastics and yoga, motor skills, and cardio equipment.

The brand has recently expanded the Cross Training range to fit the market with quality products. These items are available to order on request.

Sveltus products cover the entire area of preparation and physical recovery and are aimed at all athletes whether bodybuilding, dance, pilates or yoga

1.5 kg Dumbbells

Price €16.67

1.5 kg dumbbell sold by 2. These 1.5 kg x 2 green vinyl coated weights are perfect for the person who is new to weight training or home fitness. The full range of dumbbells up to 5 kg allows for an evolution according to your endurance and muscular capacities.

1 kg Dumbbells

Price €12.50

Metal coated Blue vinyl Dumbbells 1 kg. These lightweight weights are perfect for shoulder, forearm or arm rehabilitation on the advice of your physical therapist. Smooth and pleasant touch. Shiny finish. Sold by 2

3 kg Dumbbells

Price €31.67

Dumbbells in metal 3kg coated vinyl grey. These free weights with a smooth and pleasant touch and a shiny finish are sold in sets of two. Ideal weight for women who want to intensify their strength and fitness exercises

Carpal Tunnel Balls

Price €15.00

Set of 3 balls to request in prevention or after operation the rehabilitation of the carpal tunnel. 3 different intensities in the order green, red, blue from the softest to the hardest for a progressive evolution to take with you everywhere