Women's Ballet Dance Leotard for Women

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Bloch L7725 leotard for women

Price €37.50

The Bloch L7725 leotard for women is a sleeveless model with a round neckline and a beautiful cut-out on the front in veil. The back is well closed by a pleated veil stitched on the back allows you to easily wear a bra even if on the front a lining is provided for the chest. At the nape of the neck in the back, this bodysuit woman is very elegant for a timeless black model

Adriene Ballet Leotard

Price €45.83

An original dance leotard to wear in a traditional way with your ballet tights or to revisit with the Ezra sport leggings! Black, wide straps crossed at the back, this woman's bodysuit is composed of a pretty leopard veil that gives it a touch of originality!

Hella Ballet Leotard

Price €40.83

Very nice black dance leotard for women from 14 years old (size XS) and blue dance body for girls from 10 years old. A nice neckline with rhinestones on the front to sparkle on stage, this leotard in meryl brings a lot of comfort. Lined on the front, the fine straps bring to the set a delicate touch.

Contemporary dance leotard Danna - Intermezzo

Price €57.50

The Danna dance leotard is ideal for the dancer whose shoulders need to be enhanced. Minimalist on the front, it is crew-necked and leaves the shoulders wide open. On the back, a fancy veil underlined by a teardrop-shaped opening gives originality to this Intermezzo dance bodysuit. Available in black or green, this leotard is suitable for all dances, but its cut is ideal for contemporary dance. Neck closure

Women's 3/4 sleeves leotard

Price €37.50

We love the timeless L6106 dance leotard body! This women's dancewear is available exclusively in black and is perfectly adapted to ballet as well as to contemporary dance or jazz! The 3/4 sleeves are original with its veil cut in the form of diamonds. High performance DRITEX technology for the most intense movements

Leotard Body Women High neck - Bloch

Price €54.17

The ballet dancer will look absolutely ravishing in this high-collared leotard. Visually, this women's bodysuit allows broad shoulders to unfold without amplifying them. The rounded cutout on the bustier refines the silhouette and gives this model plenty of style in its simplicity. A teardrop-shaped opening adds lightness. Closed by a plastic fastener at the nape of the neck, the back is made of transparent voile finely embroidered with flowers to match the bodysuit

Body Leotard Woman Demi - Intermezzo

Price €54.17

Sobriety is embodied by this women's dance leotard. In black or green, the bateau neckline and back perfectly covered with a transparent veil matching the leotard give this bodysuit incomparable style. On the front, a reminder of the veil lends finesse to a model that might seem too ordinary. The dancer will wear it alone for ballet classes, but also for all other dances: contemporary, modern jazz, sports and Latin...

Leotard Women's Megara - Wearmoi

Price €65.83

Wearmoi's Megara leotard is a zippered front model decorated with sheer voile and fine lace. The back is made entirely of transparent tulle. In black or bright blue, this gorgeous women's bodysuit can be worn for any dance. It can be worn alone or with a ballet skirt. It will enhance your Latin dance skirt for social dancing, giving it character thanks to the sheer lace

Body Pole Dance Jade - Fanna Polewear

Price €108.33

Here's a particularly original bodysuit for pole dancing. With long sleeves, the cut-outs on the inside of the arms are designed for a good grip on the pole dance bar. The same goes for the sides: the leotard's side openings let you rotate safely around the bar. The shoulders and shoulder blades are unobstructed, as is the lower back, for maximum grip and style. In eco-responsible Econyl textile, blue or black

Britney women's leotard - Intermezzo

Price €62.50

The Britney dance leotard is a simple, refined model for women. Black, this thin-strapped bodysuit features a veil on the front that drapes like a corset. A small V on the front and back gives a little play of transparency. A favorite for all dances, especially ballet and ballroom.

Women's Bahia Dance Leotard - Intermezzo

Price €65.83

Intermezzo's Bahia dance leotard is a beautiful model that's both simple and refined. The wide straps are made of voile to form an openwork neckline. At the back, the wide fishnet straps are decorated with a delicate velvet motif. This black women's bodysuit for both classical and contemporary dance can also be worn for ballroom dancing to enhance a pair of dance pants or a skirt. An opening in the middle of the back gives it plenty of style.

Leotard vs Ballet Dress : the match

Today, depending on the school and the geographical situation, from one country to another, the leotard is worn more and more without a skirt or with dance shorts or dance leggings. It is a heritage of professional dancers that appeals more and more to teenagers for a sleek and very contemporary style. Nevertheless, many women still like this symbol of femininity: a dance tunic for women with a skirt attached to the leotard is always appreciated. The black leotard or white leotard can be combined with a women's ballet skirts or tutus in a wide range of colors for original dance outfits.

All shapes of women's leotards are trendy

For those who are chilly, the long sleeve or short sleeve leotard is perfect for any season. With your strapless bodysuit, a  women's dance warm-up clothes may be necessary in the fall and winter. You will find the type of strapless leotard you are looking for thanks to the filter on the side of the site: thin straps, wide straps, crossed straps.

From the most basic to the most original, the uniqueness of your dance bodysuit will be in the choice of colors: let yourself be surprised by the printed leotards, dare unexpected colors like the khaki leotard or the camouflage leotard. The laces or the veil in side yoke or in recall on the straps and the neckline bring refinement to your dance leotard.

The reversible leotard is also very interesting, because it allows you to change according to your mood or type of dance. We are used to wearing the bodysuit for ballet, but it has the advantage of holding to the body for contemporary dance, ballroom dance, character dance and even urban dance! Some clients also appreciate it for their yoga class because it allows them to stay in place even in inverted postures.

How do women's ballet leotards fit?

Each brand has more or less its own size references. To help you select the right size, you will find on each article a tab with the measurements. Follow the guide carefully, it's the best way not to make a mistake. Generally, you have to take your size in ready to wear and add a size! But, an informed woman is worth two, I really recommend you to consult my indications in the tab "Size".