Women's Ballet Dance Leotard for Women

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Women's Velvet Leotard - Bloch

Price €46.25

Here is a beautiful dance leotard composed of a velvet bustier enhanced by small sleeves in veil that we also find in the back. The velvet slightly striated gives this body dance woman a chic and elegant look. With a crew neck, you can wear this woman's garment to the dance or pilates studio but also to the city with a nice pair of pants for a dance inspired outfit. Available in bright purple, blue grey or black, this leotard is absolutely gorgeous!

Kiara Woman Leotard

Price €45.83

The Kiara leotard is a model with beautiful thin straps crisscrossed at the back. On the sides of the dance body, a leopard veil matching the color of the lycra gives an original touch to this model. Available in black or navy blue, it matches many ballet skirts

Women's 3/4 sleeves leotard

Price €37.50

We love the timeless L6106 dance leotard body! This women's dancewear is available exclusively in black and is perfectly adapted to ballet as well as to contemporary dance or jazz! The 3/4 sleeves are original with its veil cut in the form of diamonds. High performance DRITEX technology for the most intense movements

Indiana Women's Dance Leotard with 3/4 sleeves - Bloch

Price €55.83

Superb black leotard very contemporary with its zip closure on the front. The 3/4 sleeves in stretch veil seem to hang from the arms of the dancer. The shoulders are released. The lower back is uncovered while the top is protected by a stretch veil. Ideal for contemporary dance, this woman's bodysuit has a camouflage print giving it a very modern look and a little bit of fun! A dance leotard to wear alone or with dance leggings

Women's Dance Leotard Green Adalia - Bloch

Price €49.17

We like the military side of this women's bodysuit for dance. This leotard is khaki green with a camouflage print on the sides. With its small sleeves and its neckline in stretch veil which bring a little transparency, this leotard gives a wild side to classical dance but also a very trendy and original look for contemporary dance or modern jazz. Imagine your choreography with this original bodysuit on the sounds of the moment and the appropriate makeup!

Cypres Leotard for woman or girl

Price €37.50

This beautiful ballet leotard combines simplicity and refinement. The wide straps are highlighted with stretch tulle playing with transparency on the top of the neckline at the front. A reminder in stretch tulle in the middle of the back to form a small triangle gives this dance body a lot of class. Available for girls or women, it is declined in black, white, turquoise and burgundy. This leotard is ideal for shows or contests

Leotard Women Romane

Price €33.34

Women's Dance leotard Romane Red Bordeaux with 6 spaghetti straps crossed at the back. Simple on the front, lined, it allows all young women, whether she has a little or a lot of chest, to be comfortable during dance class. A timeless bodysuit that can be worn for ballet as well as for contemporary or modern jazz dance

Hella Ballet Leotard

Price €40.83

Very nice black dance leotard for women from 14 years old (size XS) and blue dance body for girls from 10 years old. A nice neckline with rhinestones on the front to sparkle on stage, this leotard in meryl brings a lot of comfort. Lined on the front, the fine straps bring to the set a delicate touch.