Women's Ballet Dance Skirts, Dresses and Tutus made in France

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Tutu 6 layers tulle

Price €45.83

Tutu bottoms with 6 layers of tulle with integrated panty and wide belt. This tutu with panty is ideal to easily customize a dance leotard or a unitard. For training, it allows you to get used to doing pirouettes with the stage before moving on to the stage costume. Available in white, pastel pink, black or zephyr blue, it allows an infinite number of show outfits

Long Women's Dance Skirt Mélina - Wearmoi

Price €49.17

Melina long dance skirt by Wearmoi available in white, black, navy or burgundy. This full skirt for girl or woman can be worn for your contemporary dance class or on stage for your shows and galas. The stretchy veil brings comfort. Elasticated waist, this long dance skirt to mid-calf is available in sizes XS to 2XL

Coppelia Long Romantic Tutu - Bailarem

Price €82.50

The Coppelia Romantic Tutu is a long tutu with 4 layers of soft tulle, princess cut and lining on the front. From 14 years old to adult size L you can order it in white, black, pink, red. Made in France, the length varies according to the size but for a size 1 equivalent S, the leotard with princess cut including the thin straps and the tulle petticoat measure between 100 and 110 cm long. Made to order item available in 8 weeks minimum

Ballroom Skirt in black Lace

Price €62.50

Very pretty woman skirt for Latin Dances in black Lace. Ingenious! You will wear it in all directions according to your desires. The bangs at the bottom of the skirt bring a nice effect at the slightest step of samba or bachata. The transparency allows you to see the set of legs. Wear with all the tops as with a bodysuit of dance woman

Ballet Dance skirt woman - Repetto

Price €49.17

The Repetto women's dance skirt is part of the dancer's outfit. Placed over the women's dance leotard, it can be worn crossed or tied edge to edge on the side with the drawstrings. The semi-opaque black muslin lets you see the positioning of the hips, and lets you see the work of the legs. Quite long on the back, it is shorter on the front. Transparent transfer of the Repetto logo.

Choose the length of your Woman Dance Skirt

The traditional dance skirt is worn fairly short, about mid-thigh, in a wrap and is tied in the back. Made of muslin, this light veil is transparent and allows the dancer's legs to be seen. The black ballet skirt is a basic that fits in every wardrobe and can be combined with many women's Ballet leotards.

If your dance skirt is long, always choose a veil to allow the eye to appreciate the movements. The long dance skirt has an elastic waist and an original and versatile cut that also adapts to contemporary dance like the asymmetrical skirt.

Finally the training skirt is a mid-length model in a soft and opaque fabric that will also suit Latin dances. Take a look at the Latin dance shoes to complete your outfit.

Apart from black and white colors, the women's dance skirt comes in many other colors from pastel to bright. For some time, the skirts are printed which allows to match them with several colors of body.

All lengths of dance skirts are trendy, you can choose between originality and classic.

Tutu made in France ready to dance or custom made

I offer several kinds of women's tutus made entirely in France.

The pancake tutu is the model which makes most often dream but which presents some difficulties for the dancer during the steps of two. This straight tutu is made of several layers of rigid tulle assembled according to a particular know-how. During the pirouettes, the dancer can't see her feet and she really needs to have a good technique to dance with a tutu. The lifts are particularly difficult for the dancer because he must learn to position his hands in the right places to lift the dancer. For this, there is a kit or rather a tutu bottom to practice. It can be worn with any dance leotard.

The romantic tutu is a tutu with a softer and longer tulle. There can be several lengths from knee, mid-calf or ankle. This is the famous Degas tutu, because the painter painted many dancers at the Opera Garnier in romantic tutus.

The tutus I propose on my website are available within 48 hours for most of them, otherwise within 15 days. If it is a semi-professional tutu or for a contest, I can propose you according to the directory a custom-made tutu in the colors of your choice. They are made in France by our partner Baïlarem within 3 to 4 weeks. Contact me for more information