List of products by brand Merlet

Merlet, French specialist in dance shoes: ballet shoes, pointe shoes, ballroom dance shoes, jazz shoes

The history of the Merlet brand begins in 1974 in Limoges. Shoemakers from father to son, Roger James Merlet, has always rubbed shoulders with beautiful shoes and the love of a job well done.

If he chooses to make dance shoes, it is not by chance, it is after a meeting with Robert Béchade. This famous virtuoso violinist was married to a principal dancer to whom he made pointe shoes. It was from this meeting that was born the passion of Roger James Merlet for making dance shoes.

In 1980, in their workshop in Limoges where slippers are handmade (nearly 50 slippers per day), the sewn returned will revolutionize dance shoes. This technique will bring a better comfort to the dancers, since it makes it possible to amalgamate all the materials which compose the shell by sewing them to the sole.

Always innovating and in a permanent concern to improve the comfort of the dancers, Roger James Merlet and Pierre Lassenne carry out studies with professors at the University Hospital of Limoges. To better understand the discipline of dance and its physical characteristics to make slippers that perfectly match the expectations of dancers.

Over the years, Merlet has become a flagship brand in the field of classical dance with its pointe shoes, half-pointe shoes but also its ballroom dance shoes. Recognized by the greatest dancers, notably Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Nicolas Le Riche, the collaboration of the star dancers led to the design and evolution of the models. More recently, Leonore Baulac, principal dancer at the Paris Opera, was the face of the brand.

At Ezabel, we strive for excellence and we have been distributing the Merlet brand since 2015 in our dance shop in Mulhouse - France.

Black Grazia Dance Teacher Shoe

Price €37.50

The black Grazia dance teacher shoe is particularly comfortable thanks to its ultra soft leather and its wide elastic ideal for bunions. It allows to maintain the foot and ensure perfect flexibility especially for the demonstration. You can use it for teaching, modern-jazz, ballroom (beginners). With small heel of 2.5 cm

DIVA Ballet Pointes Shoes

Price €66.67

DIVA Ballet Pointes Shoes is entirely developed and produced in Limoges (France). DIVA is unique thnaks to its manufacturing process. DIVA give great stability and durability, giving freedom to dancers with their technique. Diva is ready to dance!

Elista pointe shoes from Merlet

Price €54.17

Elista pointe shoes from Merlet is a stretch canvas pointe shoe with 25 % of elastane providing an excellent fit. This pointe shoe is made on the basis of a new box with cotton canvas extremely comfortable and with good elasticity in front on rear. Its sole in polycarbonate provides longevity, the pointe shoe lasts longer. It is suitable for all levels of dance. We offer 3/4 shank with a medium sole