Intermezzo Dancewear for all Disciplines

Intermezzo offers a complete line of dancewear in all disciplines including dancewear such as shoes, figure skating gear and gymnastics leotards. In the beginning, the company specialized in knitwear. This remains one of Intermezzo's great specialties with its girls' warm-up clothes as well as its women's warm-up clothes.

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List of products by brand Intermezzo

Black Leotard with High Collar

Price €41.67

Very nice black leotard body for dancing. High collar, ziped at the back, small sleeves. We like the velvet flocked veil on the transparent neckline and back that gives a lace effect. Recommended for the young woman or the woman who does not have too much chest, this dance leotard brings a lot of refinement to your outfit

Leotard with 3/4 sleeves

Price €37.50

Very pretty women's leotard with 3/4 sleeves. Available in black or in burgundy, the square neckline enhanced by a gathers at the chest forms a subtle bodysuit. The sleeves and back in velvet-set veil form like a lace. This leotard is suitable for ballet, contemporary dance, ballroom and Latin dances. Just add the skirt that matches the dance style

Teat Pads

Price €5.00

In the shape of a flower, this teat pad sold in sets of 2 allows to dance freely without wearing underwear while maintaining good privacy. In hypoallergenic and repositionable textile, it can be cut and adapted. Ideal for your shows

Intermezzo is the dance brand created in 1927 by the company MALLTEX S.A., knitting specialist.

A magnificent collection of leotards

For more than fifteen years, Intermezzo has been focusing on ballet articles, for women and men, with an increasingly original selection of women's ballet leotards as well as dance tunics for girls. Fishnets, laces and velvets decorate the women's dance bodysuits which always offer impeccable quality. Versatile, these leotards can also be worn with the Activewear Intermezzo line or for contemporary dance and modern-jazz

All dance disciplines and associated sports

In addition to ballet, contemporary dance and modern jazz, Intermezzo also equips dancers for standard, character and Latin dances in clothing. Located in Barcelona, the company naturally offers shoes as well as clothing and accessories for Flamenco.

To be really complete, Intermezzo has also developed other sports sectors close to dance such as a whole range of clothes for figure skating as well as leotards for gymnastics at very competitive prices

Manufactured in Spain in a constant search for Quality, Comfort and Beauty

Located in the heart of Europe, in Barcelona, Spain, Intermezzo dancewear offers a wide variety of products, from the smallest details to accessories, so that the dancers' dreams become reality